The War Chest

I had a great conversation with a friend the other day about what makes us  spiritually whole. We all struggle from time to time with being in a kind of sleepwalking state spiritually. Do you ever feel as if God doesn’t hear your prayers, or that you are in a funk when it comes to your relationship with God? Is your family suffering because of your service to the church? Ever feel like you are spinning your wheels? For me, the questions that follow help me to focus on God, and when I do that, I feel like what I was made to be… a warrior for Christ.

1. Are you really reading your bible, digging into the word of God with desperate intent? One of my most heartfelt prayers is that God would open His floodgates and drown me in the revelation of His mysteries, His truth. TRUTH is found in His word, you won’t find it watching the discovery channel.

2. Are you having any personal worship time at all? I find that when I am broken in worship before Him, the next step is to get off my knees with the heart of the Lion beating in my chest, ready to move forward and gain ground.

3. How’s your prayer time? If you ain’t prayin’, expecting God to move… well, you can bet that an unsaid prayer will be an unanswered prayer.

4. Who are you hangin’ with? The guys that will tear you down (all with good intentions of course),  or someone that can build you up in Christ?

There are other ways to exercise your faith, just like there are plenty of ways to exercise your body. I just know this… If you get a PX90 routine, and it sits on the shelf, you will still be what you are right now, next summer.

It pays to get your war chest out once in a while, and use the things you find in there. Use your faith, don’t put it in a box under your bed.


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