My Bloody Valentine

Died for me. Was beaten for me. Was whipped for me. Was spit  on  for me. Was ridiculed.  For me. Was insulted, mocked,  laughed at,  and scorned.          For me. Was torn, bloodied… with rough, coarse sand rubbed into his  wounds…. for me. Submitted to a Roman’s authority, a Jew’s  authority. A man’s authority, for me. Was made to carry a wooden timber thru a city that hailed Him as King, only a few short days before.        For me. Was nailed to that cross. With rusted, blunted spikes of hand shorn metal.     Bled. Suffered. Cried out in agony….  Was separated from His Father. Became my sin. DIED.       For me.

Arose.      For me.   Conquered death. For me. Broke the chains of addiction. For me.  Provided a way.   For me. Speaks into my heart. IS my strength. Dances over me. Gives peace beyond understanding. Sings a new song over me, into me, everyday. Released His compassion into my heart, breaking the rules and traditions of men.

Did all of this… because of His great Love. For me, and you.

And you. The greatest Love of all isn’t a Valentines day love. It’s a GOD love.


3 thoughts on “My Bloody Valentine

  1. Chris, I can’t imagine how He loves me like that…how blessed we are to have a God who would sacrafice His Son and to have a Savior who says we are worth it!

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