Living What You Believe

This might be hard to swallow, but as the saying goes, “the truth only smiles.” This post is for anybody involved in the work of a church body, and mainly for my worship leader friends all across this great world of ours. If you are not a worship leader, direct one you know to this post… It may do some good.

As a leader of or in a worship ministry sometimes you are going to have to make decisions that will affect the direction of your church. These decisions sometimes go against what our personal desires are; sometimes they line up quite nicely with what we want. The point is that you must always put the need of the church, AND the need of the of the community you are trying to reach above your personal wants. I was going to say “needs” also, but that ain’t quite true, If you work for God, then your “needs” are already taken care of, even if you think differently.

You do not want to be playing reggae when all of the people in you area of influence are 60+ retired steel workers. Likewise, you don’t want to play mainly heavy metal to a group of inner city latinos. As a church we MUST make our music style of worship representative of the culture you want to reach. Don’t tell me that you are trying to reach blacks in your community when all you are playing is the Gaither Vocal Band. I understand that I over-exaggerate but I’m trying to make a point. To reach the lost, you gotta speak what they understand. If you want your church to represent all the colors of Heaven, let your worship reflect that.

Get with your senior pastor, talk honestly about who you are as a church. Who are you trying to reach? Are you reaching them? Why or why not? Do you feel that God has called your church to be multi-ethnic? I hope so. I don’t think that heaven is segregated.

If you need help, leave me a message. We have a team here at Cornerstone Community, and we will be glad to pass on what we have learned. After all, people don’t engage with other cultures naturally, it’s a learning process for us all. People by and large don’t consider multi-ethnicity because they are afraid of what they don’t know…the other culture.


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