Matters of the heart.

Psalm 27:8  My heart has heard you say, “Come and talk with me.” And my heart responds, “Lord, I am coming.”

A friend posted this as a comment on one of my posts recently, and I have literally parked on this verse. For me it says so much about who we are, what we are, and why we are. I really do not ever remember reading this verse and it affecting me like it has over the last few days.

1. Who we are: the fact that God loves us enough to speak to our heart, our center, speaks volumes to me. We are the ones that nailed a Savior to the cross. Our sin did it. Our ignorance, our blindness did it. And yet we have a King, a Creator, merciful and beyond comprehension, that speaks to our hearts, wanting to be with us, to know us, talking and absorbing everything we are. The fact that He already knows all of this about us, and that this conversation is for our benefit, not His, is even more mind blowing. He loves us enough to want us to be more like Him, in every way, every thought pattern. We are HIS.

2. What we are: a creation, formed from dust to be in communion with a God so vast, so powerful, so beyond us that to see Him fully would blind us. We are the reason. In us He sees the redeemable, and the uncommon love that binds us together, man to God, and God to man. I would love to tell you that I understand why God chose us to be His children, US, the same people that nailed Christ to a cross, but I don’t. I pray to God often that He would grant me His wisdom, to reveal that particular mystery to me. We still turn our backs on God, and then wonder why our lives are so screwed up… why do we live under wrath… by choice??  HIS children?

3. Why we are: I’m here to worship. It’s why I was created. It’s why you were created. How do you actually talk to God? With your heart. He speaks to our heart, and our heart responds. Out of a man’s lips proceed the thoughts of his heart. We were put here to worship, and that involves so much more than singing a song on Sunday morning. It is a way of life, and must be practiced. In good times it’s easy to worship. When times are tough and you really need to worship, that’s when it’s hard, that’s why it takes practice. We are worshipers. If you aren’t worshiping God, you are worshiping something else… it’s in your DNA.

Let your heart hear. Let it speak. Take the time right now to fix the thing in you that isn’t right with God. It all starts with the heart.


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