Strange but true

A slightly bizarre  look at some of the amazing things you could see at Cornerstone Community Church, and some links to prove them.

1. The worship leader trying to talk all of the pastors into getting ink.

2. Some of the pastors considering it.

3. Black, White, Mexican, Asian, and Indian cultures, all worshiping together.

4. “Alive” by Pearl Jam as the very last song of a worship set. –

5. A family of 5 getting baptized… together. Father, mother, children.

6. An informative video about how to deal with your baby. –

7. A plan to help plant 2000 multi-ethnic churches in the bible belt.  –

8. Children that bring their parents to church, and not the other way around. –

9. Sunday morning newcomers ask “is this a black or white church ?” –

10. A youth pastor wearing a ninja suit – ttp://


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