The Edge of The Water

This morning I came in to work listening to some new music (new to me). I came across one of the songs I had been planning to use as a response song for our church, “Edge of The Water” By Tammy Trent. When I first heard it, I thought it was beautiful. I didn’t realize how quickly the truth found in this song would bring me to worship. As I sat and listened to it today, I started to lose myself, and ended up face to face with the God of all that there is. Literally I could not, really still cannot, stop weeping. Glad, joyful, thankful, full of wonder, in awe that He would love me this much. I will post a link to the album at the end of this, but I really wanted all of you to read this. Let God speak to your heart. You will end up in the same place I am in, if He is yours, and you are His.

You know my heart. You’ve seen the darkness in it, the disappointment that tempts the innocence of it. And my soul moves. And so it goes.

How beautiful You are, bright and morning star. I bow down and kiss your feet. Feet that led me from the dark.

My faith is shaken, my way is lost, jaded, I don’t know where to turn. Afraid, but not forsaken. Am I so lost? And so it goes.

How wonderful You are, redeemer of my heart. I reach out and kiss your hands, hands that wear love’s scars.

When I stood on the edge of the water, with fading hope there would be a tomorrow, you held me safe in your hands, reminding me that I would walk again.

How powerful you are, you’ve carried me this far, while I look up and kiss your face, the face that sees inside my heart. The face that sees inside my heart.

Tammy on Youtube and on I-tunes.


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