Spiritual Gas-x

I think that many times we talk too much.

Why can’t we just let God do it for us, why do we insist on getting in the way? We get into “discussions” about how scriptural, and how righteous, we are. All for the sake of being right. A very good friend of mine, and our senior pastor Artie Davis said today, “Why are you afraid to believe God can do the miraculous? So what if it messes up your theology?” … and It made me stop for a second. I think a lot of us Christians need our theology messed up. We have become so complacent, so wrapped up in our “belief systems”, our buildings, our traditions, our cliques, that we need God to come in and prove to us that we don’t know everything. We need to be uncomfortable. We need to get our hands dirty. We need to realize that when a drunk walks in to your church and pukes on the carpet, he needs God’s help, not Pepto-Bismol. When a Prostitute needs a ride to buy groceries, she needs a ride, not a lesson in morality. When someone of a different color or culture comes to your church, maybe we could welcome them, instead of making them feel like they are under a magnifying glass…

Then again, maybe I’m talking too much. I expect God to move in my life, and in the life of my church. If my theology needs to be messed up, so be it. I worship God… not my way of looking at Him.


5 thoughts on “Spiritual Gas-x

  1. I have learned that God will draw you out of your comfort zone to move you into a deeper relationship with Him. I have seen how a church full of nice people can turn their backs on someone who doesn’t fit their perception of what a “new member” should look like. This is an awesoem post that hits home on several different levels.
    And just for the record….you’re not talking too much!

  2. What you are describing is exactly the kind of church Jesus was envisioning when He sent the disciples out into the world. More people would love church if we were all more like this.

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