The Right Stuff

Leaders need to combine all kinds of principles in order to be effective, but not all leaders employ the same principles. Looking back through what God has brought me to and thru, these are some of the qualities I have seen God grow in me. These things were already in place, but have grown exponentially since I have been put into roles that affect and impact the lives of others.

Tenacity – You have to be able to hold on when you can’t hold on any more. Develop this in yourself, cultivate it. It will make a difference when you start getting shot at for sticking your head above the rest of the crowd. Stand your ground and don’t back up… God is growing you for something, and you have to want it, want it, to be all He wants you to be.

Vision – Grow your relationship with a mentor, someone that can impart a larger vision, speak life into you. This is invaluable to grow beyond where you are now. Find someone that will help you out of the box you don’t realize you are in. Actively seek this person out. It depends on YOU. Ask God to grow your vision, believe, then hold on, you are in for the ride of your life.

Empathy – In order to lead others, you must be able to feel what those you lead feel. Cry with them, laugh with them. Feel their pain, commiserate with them, and then act aggressively to speak life into them. Those that encourage will themselves be encouraged. Help carry their burdens, and fulfill the law of Christ. That’s in the bible, people.

Curiosity in action – Read a book. Learn something new. The internet is the world’s largest collection of information. Be a sponge and absorb all you can, but don’t stop at the learning part. Put into action what you you learn. Impart to others the wisdom you gain. Life is made to share, and so is knowledge!

These things are not all encompassing, but they sure have helped me grow to be more than I was. Just remember that God has called you to be somebody, something larger than you were yesterday. Live large and enjoy the journey.


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