The Flame Within Us All

After some struggle time today, I have come to an important conclusion regarding FEAR. I say struggle time cause that’s what I was doing, wrestling with an issue that has no place in my life, but sometimes peeps around the corners, just to let me know that I have not completely banished it … yet.

Here’s the rub : there is a difference in dealing with fear, and overcoming it. Revelation 2:11 says “He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. He who overcomes will not be hurt at all by the second death.” What is the obverse? He who does not overcome will have to deal with the consequences. Deal means to “cope with a difficult situation” Overcome means to “defeat, overwhelm, prevail, overpower”.

I found truth today, that if you aren’t spending enough time feeding the flame inside of you, your flame may not go out, but it will burn colder. Worship, prayer, reflection, reading God’s word, and enjoying the friendships that build up God in your life will fan the flame to white hot, not ice cold.We need all of these things, not just one or two. When your fire is at it’s hottest, you can overcome, instead of just “dealing with it”. One more thing… once it is dead, don’t visit it again, trying to resurrect something that may offer the cold comfort of familiarity. Burn it. Burn it to fine ash, and let the winds take it. Fan your flame today, be an overcomer, and live the way God intended.


2 thoughts on “The Flame Within Us All

  1. Really appreciated this post! Thanks for sharing your heart! Made my day.


    on Twitter @joelrockemann

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