The Needle Lies

In a far away and distant past I was part of a rock band that lived up to the image of all rock bands. Sex, drugs and rock and roll, all that kind of stuff. Looking back I can see that God in His wisdom and grace was able to see redemption in me even then, and kept His hand of protection on me so I didn’t end up dead in a bar (or worse) somewhere! The reason I mention this is because all of us in the band had a “needle” of some sort. It may have been booze, dope, women, anything, ANYTHING that offered escape. Escape from what? Truth, about ourselves, about the world we live in, about our talents, it could have been about an ant that bit us on the toe. Point is, once we found our “needle” we could justify our lives and do what we wanted, without having to feel guilty. Trust me… that needle feels good. It offers escape from what we don’t want to face. There is one detail though… the needle lies.

Nothing that we escape from disappears, it just sinks to the bottom of your well, and when your well gets too full of crap, the water gets poisoned. The needle offers escape… true… but it also offers a life wasted, not used to the fullest. The needle offers comfort, but really provides you with a lifetime of “what if’s ?” One day will you wake up, sixty or seventy and say to yourself “What if I would have dealt with that, instead of throwing into the well, covered up and forgotten, but not gone? What if I wouldn’t have turned to that needle? What kind of life could I really have LIVED?” Let me tell you something true. Don’t trust the needle… IT LIES.

What’s your needle? Never too late to put it down you know….


5 thoughts on “The Needle Lies

  1. You’re absolutely right. There is a need that everyone has for God. We try to replace that with temporary or even detrimental substitutes. We want the peace that God offers and we resort to numbing ourselves with alcohol or drugs. We want the intimacy of relationship and we choose sex instead of being real. Satan convinces us over and over that we don’t need God and we can get these things ourselves by other means and it’s never real and always temporary. The substitute causes more problems and God solves them.

  2. honestly?

    my needles have changed…what used to be alcohol and parties gave way to popularity and performance. Even in ministry. Pride…how well others may think i am doing in ministry. The sin of comparison is a beast to me sometimes.

    But little by little, I’m learning that only Jesus satisfies.

    Sometimes, I’m even pulling it off…

    By his grace, I’m learning to run to him more quickly.

  3. Very true. Seems the thing we think we need to get by is often times the very thing that prevents us from getting anything good. Satan has quite a quiver full of needles in all shapes, sizes, colors, tastes, and gauges; there is no scarcity of sin. The thing we justify as our only escape imprisons us in a lie of futility. So good to be free of that “fix” that broke me.

  4. great post…i spent much of my college years trying to fill the void in my heart with ‘needles’ after i left the church. i made it back, but this brought that back…

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