Breathing the Free Air

When a person decides to live, what are the consequences? I know, I know, People that are walking around, breathing, eating, talking… well, they are alive right? Yes, but are they living? What does it even mean to live? Being able to take enjoyment, regardless of circumstance. Being able to look past the opinions of others, and do the things that give your heart and soul joy. Being able to understand the ramifications of being a child of God. At some point in every persons life, they are faced with a choice: let God breathe His life into you, or rejecting that gift. Yes, or no. Easy right? Why do some say no? Why are there those that turn their disdain for the gift into their very own religion, railing at the very name and thought of “God?” Why is it that some seemingly accept the gift, then go about their way, unchanged? See, it’s easy to be a cardboard cutout, a “cookie cutter” christian. Where the rubber hits the road, the question is this… Are you alive, breathing in God’s grace and redemption and mercy, or are you just another dry and brittle soul, living and not alive? Are you living your faith out loud? Unashamed, and as importantly, unabashed?

My favorite truth that God spoke thru His word long ago is this: Ezekiel chapter 37, verse 14… “I will put my spirit in you, and you will live.”

Are you alive yet, or are you just another flesh covered skeleton, waiting to breathe the free air?


2 thoughts on “Breathing the Free Air

  1. Chris what a great post. I AM ALIVE and it’s one of my main goals to see others leave that dry brittle christian/non-christian life for the deep breath life God has waiting. Ez. 37:1-10 is the truth behind my ministry ( God wants to remove all dryness from our lives – He’s a life river where parchedness has no place. It’s true that Christians can have the resurrection life of God inside them and still be bound by their grave clothes. Jesus said we are to “loose them and let tham go”. You are doing your part in the loosing. Me too. God show us how to have more impact… for them… and for YOU!

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