The Stupid Sign Post

Stupid signs can be a real pain if you are trying to find your way home from Cincinnati, but if you are in a playful kind of mood, they can really cheer up your day. With that in mind, don’t view this post if you are trying to find your way home from a strange (to you) city, like Portland. Enjoy!

Some people….

Here we see the effects of using to extreme the product you are advertising

The main reason Johnny Knoxville stays off this particular path when filming wheel chair stunts

Um…. yeah. When you want it THAT cold…

Exactly my idea of rockin it hard and fast on the club circuit…

A Soccer mom turned killer was arrested for putting up a sign at the archery field yesterday…

I would take the fine, if it wasn’t too late…

Stop here, and politely wait to die.

THIS is how to make a sale!!!

This is just wrong. On several levels.

And finally, from our friends abroad…


4 thoughts on “The Stupid Sign Post

  1. yeah so see this totally made me lawl to like a severe extent. especially the second to last one. XD ahhhh brilliance.

    • It’s not in the UK, it’s in Newcastle, Australia. I thought the same thing but researched it (a little), if it’s a fake, it’s still a funny fake!

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