Goodbye for now

I would like to take a moment of blog space and time to thank all of my Twitter and Facebook friends for the thoughts and prayers for my wife and my family, me included. Dianne was saved, and we know she is dancing with family and friends that have gone before. We are comforted by knowing she is in the arms of Jesus, and has been rescued from all that plagued her in this life. Dianne was young, and loved her kids, Brittany and Brandy, and all of her family. In turn, she was loved by all of us… precisely for who she was. Not perfect, but all Dianne, all the time. My wife Wendy and Dianne were very close, and I have yet to see a picture of them where they are not holding hands or touching each other in some way. Dianne has gone and we have not, and family has been left here to do what we do… and we will all do what we do. It is my hope that this tragedy will strengthen our family, and not shake us like so many deaths seem to do to some families. One of Dianne’s songs that she liked was “Second Chance” by Shinedown. I wonder if we all listened to that song with purpose, would we understand the meaning? I’m not going to preach… but I will say this: “sometimes goodbye is a second chance”… for those that are left to love and be loved, with reckless abandon, with hope, and with determination, and the sense that this may be the last thing I write, or you read. Love the people in your life, or you may truly understand that the second chance only applies to the people left.

Good bye for now Dianne. I will see you on the other side. We are taking care of Pepper and the girls.

We love you, and always will.


3 thoughts on “Goodbye for now

  1. i know why i love you so much….you never cease to amaze me…thanks for being my strength …..i love you chris… as for my sister i know she has peace and love like no other now and will never deal with pain again….love and miss her terribly but still have her back to do what needs to be done… ya crazy girl alwaysbe have up there with that dancing …i’ll dance for you down here….love your big sis wendy or as your girls would say aunt dee dee

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