The Stupid Sign Post… Again

Feeling at a loss because of schedule upheaval and rearrangement (completely beyond my control) I decided to post another stupid sign post. These cheered me up, hope they brighten your day and expand your appreciation of your own intellect! If they don’t… um, I hope they are not your signs…

This is never a good thing…

Where keeping off the grass is not a problem…


Makes you wonder who came up with the campaign for this one…

This reminds me of that scene in “Titanic”… “But you must hurry miss”..

Really?? Really really!

And then have someone check your planning…

Uh… check with the plan ahead guy.

AND they are getting fat from your McDonald’s wrappers!!

And I brought my swimming chaps too!! Dang!!!

As Bugs Bunny would say, “What a Maroon!”

When the drive thru guys gets ticked…

And finally from our friends abroad…

Lost in the translation maybe??

I really hope that you take time to laugh with someone you love today… It will double your fun!


3 thoughts on “The Stupid Sign Post… Again

  1. The illiteracy sign was made by the same people who put Braille on the keypad of the drive-through ATM.

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