Fear This

Had an interesting conversation the other day with someone eight or so time zones away about the fear of success. Not fear of failure, but fear of success. Their thought process was that some people will intentionally self destruct because of success. My thoughts?? That’s crap (and you know I still love ya my Aussie friend!). God doesn’t desire us to lead defeated lives… why would he? If He gives us what we need in order to succeed, then He would give us what we need to manage success, right??

Here’s what I think : when we succeed, there is an opportunity to reflect that success back to God, where it rightfully belongs, or we can … be prideful. Use our success to make US look good. Drink from the cup of success and think that we have created the end result, and not God. Without God to smooth out the uneven path laid before you, your chances of success are slim. Not impossible, just slimmer than if God was for you, and not against you. If God would be against you, well I’m sorry but you are dead in the water before you’ve had a chance to light the first fuse on your cannon. When some succeed, the temptation to gather the honor for themselves will lead to not relying on God, and more reliance on THEM. Who is “them”?? Anyone and anything that is not God, or of God. Remember… your success is related to how much reliance you have on God. “If the Lord would be for us, who can be against us?” Easy answer there… NOBODY.

God with you means you control the faucet. God against you means that the faucet controls you.


3 thoughts on “Fear This

  1. Chris, I agree that God wants for us to succeed and gives us all of the resources to do so. I have seen many times, however, where people are promoted beyond where their character can keep them. Their lack of character was not from lack of opportunity, but rather from pride or laziness. Too often, people get to a comfortable place and feel that they have arrived and STOP growing and learning. This is sad and NOT what God would have, but happens all too often, leaving the person in a place of destruction. On the other hand, I have seen people who are lacking in faith that God is really in control and rather than stand under God’s abilities, they crumble under the fear of their own abilities. Psychologically what is happening is they are creating an acceptable avenue of failure rather than fighting tooth and nail for success because they feel that they are likely to fail.
    This all sounds a little convoluted, but I’ve seen it time and time again. It’s not acceptable, but it is real. We should overcome because we are only stewards of God’s abilities. When people grow in faith (trust in God), then it becomes easier to step out into what seems impossible.

    Just a thought.

  2. When we begin to think of ourselves as “them” then we fall into the same trap that King Saul fell into…we look at our anointing and not the One who anoints us! When we fail to use the abilities that God has given us we dishonor ourselves…when we fail to give God glory for what He does through us, which could be perceived as successes for us, then we dishonor God.

    (BTW: why ain’t I on your blog roll homie?)

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