The Stupid Sign Post – Lost In The Translation

In dark and distant lands, the language barrier stands tall, ready to confuse and confound. Couple that with a misunderstanding of  the mental thought processes of different cultures around the world and you come up with what I can only call… some really stupid lost in the translations (or whatever).  See? It’s hard enough to understand my own language, much less someone else’s! Enjoy!

“Honorific”… that would be me.

Oh..I, um… uh… ok.

Brick… House… Da da da daaa.

Very crafty indeed…

I… always wondered about this…

Please… let us help you with that…

Therefore.. goest thou.

To go with your massage…

So… THAT’S what they do!

And the largest restaurant is…

Actually, this is very reasonable…

And… embarrassingly, from our friends right here at home…


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