The Unexpected

Imagine that you are outdoors at night with a flashlight. You shine the light at the stars. Before the light gets very far, the beam shines so weakly that you can’t see it. Now imagine that your perception of God’s greatness is that flashlight beam, and his mystery is all that is above you, the infinite vastness of the heavens. Just because the beam of light fades doesn’t mean that the stars do. Just because our perception of God’s greatness is limited, doesn’t mean that He is limited. His love for for us is as vast as the star filled heavens. His love for us is as mysterious as the distance that separates us from the stars. His love for us is larger than the things we don’t, won’t, or can’t understand.

Here we are… small, vulnerable, with a limited view, and with a God so powerful that He would provide us with a way to know Him, even though we rarely understand our dependance on Him.

Having some time today to do nothing but worship, with no other agenda but to sit in this place with my God and cry at His feet, I have come across another unexpected moment. What can I do… but offer my heart, my everything… to the God of everything. The answer is still yes God. Still YES.


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