The Killing Room Floor

People drift from door to door, and they can’t find heaven, doesn’t matter where they go. They save their money, even though unsure,
waiting on hard times to drive them, from door to door. Love that lyric from an old song. The concept is as old as deception. It’s a state of mind. It’s called “The Killing Room”, and distracts us from the goal. It’s the place where you and I put off God, and say “I’ll be back later” all the while dismissing the fact that later may never come. It’s where a dream can die because we don’t believe in the power of God. We don’t have faith. We don’t believe. Drifting from door to door, looking for the answer we want, instead of the answer God gives. Pitiful, we sometimes never wrap our minds around the fact that God wants more for us than we want for ourselves. So we visit the killing room, and leave our dreams, our desires, our gifts and talents laying on that cold floor. Turn and walk away and think that God has cursed us, abandoned us, when in fact we have cursed and abandoned ourselves.

I will tell you, I know, I have witnessed it, that God has the power to lift you from what you were, and will transform you to what you could never be on your own. God can take that thing you want to leave on the killing room floor and turn your rusty, broken desires into the gems that will shine His light into this broken world. I know. I was there, about to leave myself, the things that make me who I am, on that cold dark floor. He has lifted me up, and given me a seat at the tables of kings. He has declared that what I am now is not what He can make me into. He has snatched those things I left behind, and turned them into light. All because of just a little faith. Faith that is leading down this mysterious, glorious, path… closer to Him everyday. Closer to Him and ever farther away from the killing room floor.

2 thoughts on “The Killing Room Floor

  1. Chris, what an awesome way to express what we all know we do. We all face it, the wondering, the looking, the hope that it won’t cost us more, only to come face to face with the reality of what God has given us and what He has called us to do. In this moment of realization or active calling, God says, “Go forward. It is not time to stand still but to embrace what I have put in you to lay hold of what I have put before you.” Courage is the catapult that launches us into the reality of what God has placed before us. This courage cannot be given but is developed through relationship with the Father. We don’t just lay our lives down for anybody but we lay them down for a friend.

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