Multi-Ethnic Music: Part 2 ~ The Victories

The victories (notice… plural) that are to be had in using multi-ethnic music in your worship services come in many different sizes, but all of the victories are big, and all belong to God.

In using multi-ethnic music in your church, you will efficiently and effectively:

1. Develop a true sense of what worship is. Rely on God to make your team better than it is, because you are taking new ground, and may not be sure of the next steps. As you pour out your praises to Him, He will inhabit those praises and manifest His presence in the body. Changed lives, changed attitudes, changes relationships. When people new to your church experience different cultures worshiping God as one, they will crave the Godthing that is happening in your church, and will be a part of it.

2. Form meaningful relationships with people of different color, and start to become family, not just friends. Your whole out look on culture will change, for the better.

3. BIG one here… Your church will start to create culture rather than react to it. As the people in your church body cultivate their faith, they will go outside of the 4 walls, and start to influence the community. Want to change your community? God can do it from the inside out. Period.

4. New forms of worship music genres will emerge from your worship. Our worship has changed dramatically at Cornerstone just by taking a contemporary rock song and turning our singers loose on it, letting them flavor the song with their own phrasings and styling. Alternately, take an urban worship tune and let your white singers flavor it. We have ended up with not “white” songs, or “black” songs… but Cornerstone songs, and your church can do the same thing!

5. New leaders will be born into this movement, and you will see Sunday morning become a time of unity, not division.

6. God is glorified. End of story. Not only in the process, but in the achieved results.

Realize that in this process, we will not reach the end. We must continue to push the boundaries, and accept that there is no such thing as a “finish line.” There is only the steady increase of God’s glory, as people that in the past would not speak on the street, not only speak now, but love deeply.

In both the presence of evil and the eventual triumph over evil the sweep is cosmic. It embraces the entire universe, what to man is both seen and unseen. The victory is to be accomplished through Christ.~ Kenneth Scott Latourette


2 thoughts on “Multi-Ethnic Music: Part 2 ~ The Victories

  1. I love this but being the only black family in an all white church and the only one on the praise team, it is very difficult to even fathom any change from one specific type of music. I truly miss variety. I absolutely love this article and can relate to a lot of it. My prayer is that my church will come around like your article states. Thanks for it.

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