The Follow

Would you follow someone that nailed Christ to the cross? I do…

Explantion please…   I have used twitter to meet, engage and exchange ideas with many different types of people doing real, hands on work building God’s kingdom. Twitter has also helped to meet and engage… well, other types of folks too.

At times I have taken some flak for not just engaging, but from actually following on twitter rappers, hard rockers, dancers… all kinds of folks. Folks outside of the “Christian” community. I have had other Christians unfollow me because I will engage in conversation with what Jesus called the “least of these.”

Matthew 25:40 And the King will say, ‘I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me.’

If you twitter and are a Christian, please don’t disregard the chance to show somebody that being a Christian does not mean that you are religious just for the sake of religion. Show people that you are a Christ follower, and that you aren’t afraid to engage with people outside of what you consider “normal.” If the only people we needed to reach were Christians… well, we would still have our hands full. The chains of religion for religion’s sake are strong and hard to break, but for those that don’t know Christ we are meant to be the light that shows the path. If you don’t engage with folks in the dark, how will they ever see the light? Don’t just tweet to tweet. Twitter can be an extension of what the church is supposed to be… a way to reach the least of these.

And one other thing: It was ALL of our sins that nailed Christ to the cross. Mine and the rockers.

Just my .02


10 thoughts on “The Follow

  1. Well said. Seems that we Christians too often get stuck inside the 4 walls of the church building, and then bring that same mentality to the Internet. This is a great (and obvious) place to get outside the 4 walls and reach people. Bravo for this post!

    I’d say it was worth more than just 2 cents.

  2. I was all prepared to comment exactly what your last statement says. Those who run away from the ‘un-saved’ are more than likely religious are the ones who need to be avoided the most.

    There is no problem with ‘following’ a conversation or activities as long as we are the ones who are emulating. We should be the example and that means going after those who aren’t saved. In the case of those who no longer follow you; the frozen chosen. They’ll thaw out in Hell. Did I say that? Hmmmmm

  3. Chris-speak the truth, brother! Thank you for being bold enough to be obedient in putting this out there. We can’t reach those who don’t know our Savior if we don’t get face to face with them. Love ya!, man

  4. This a great message and one “we Christians” need reminding of often. At least this Christian does. Thank you. “it’s not the healthy who need a doctor….”

  5. I agree, Chris. I use my twitter account as an attempt to not only share my faith in Jesus with other believers but also to witness to those that are lost. Great post!

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