The Spirit vs The World

Been doing some thinking here about the concept of making worship music, and church stuff overall, as attractive as what the world considers “great” and wanted to post a few thoughts:

1. If your worship music is not excellent, it will be a distraction to the church body. We all understand that when a person sings and gets off-key, the only thing people think about is the screw up, not the message of the song. Do I get off key? Yes. We all do. The point is to work on your skill set so that you can be as good as you can be. The goal is to keep distraction to a minimum so that the Spirit can work thru the music.
2. The world seeks perfection in music. The church should seek excellence, but not perfection. It’s too easy to beat yourself up over missed notes, etc. When you go to a concert, those 10 to 15 songs have been performed so much that the band could play and sing them backwards while they are asleep. Those bands and singers do that for a living, it’s ALL they do. We don’t have that luxury. Most worship teams are volunteer, including ours here at Cornerstone. We do practice with the band twice a week, and I ask our individual band members to come in one other day for one on one time, then we all practice together with the singers once a week. That said, we don’t practice nearly as much as professional performers. What makes the music excellent for us? We worship. With heart and soul.
3. Are you offering what “they” want or just dishing out what you want? It’s hard to put your wants above their needs, but it must happen for you to effectively and efficiently reach those that don’t think like you. And guess what? The world does not think like you. Romans 8:5 says “Those who are dominated by the sinful nature think about sinful things, but those who are controlled by the Holy Spirit think about things that please the Spirit.” The world does not think like you. Accept it and adapt.
4. The love of Christ must be evident the moment they walk in your door, even if it’s at your house and not THE House. They may not understand true love, but they can feel it. Show the love. If a prostitute shows up on your doorstep, and needs a ride to buy groceries, give her a ride, not a lesson in morality. The love that Christ has invested in you should be poured out on all those you come into contact with…
5. Get out of your building and be the church. The building is not the church. YOU are. I am. We need to take the talk and the walk and share it with someone that is not. Like. Us. Period.

As the songs goes… “Heal my heart, make it clean. Open up my eyes to the things unseen. Show me how to love like You do. Break my heart for what breaks Yours.”

Music can be the conduit for the Spirit to heal the sick, break the chains that bind the slaves, or redeem the lost, wandering around in this cold lonely world. All we need to do is show them that what we have is better than what the world has.

My .02.

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