Keeping It Real


My house looks like a hurricane went thru it. I guess in a manner of speaking, two hurricanes went thru it. One named Caleb, and one named Naomi. When people come to our house, they can be sure that ours is not going to be spotless, even if we clean up ahead of time. Two little kids will have their time of destruction before our guests get here. Sometimes it really ticks me off. Then I take a little time, calm down, look at these two little hurricanes and see the blessing God has put in our laps. We all have the opportunity to put up a false mask when it comes to how clean, or dirty our lives are. But in the end, it comes down to seeing the blessing thru the chaos of the destruction. If you belong to God, He belongs to you. Doesn’t matter if your Naomi emits a funky odor sometimes. At least you have a diaper on her! Doesn’t matter if your Caleb throws a baseball through a window, at least you have a window to throw it through! Keeping it real means you don’t cover up the stuff in your life… you just enjoy the fact that you have the life, and recognize that it all belongs to God. Now… where did I put those screws to put up this plywood??


4 thoughts on “Keeping It Real

  1. Love this Chris – I needed to be reminded of all of this. I swear, some days our house could be featured on an episode of the hoarders, thanks in large part to our little guy. But you’re so right.

    Great blog by the way, glad I stumbled on your Twitter account the other day!

    • I feel the same way, lol… hoarders… Seems like they can find stuff that has been lost for two years and drag it out! Thanks for the comment!

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