Monday Mind Dump 2-21-2011

My friends love me. My enemies… well, there’s scripture that covers them.

Worship was awesome yesterday. Largely because our worship team was more sensitive to the Spirit than me.

I’m too hard on myself.

Our worship team is dedicated. Hands down.

I am reminded that flaws are indications of how awesome God’s grace is.

Our Pastor Freemon Thomas is a man’s man, and all God’s too.

I love french toast. I love french fries more.

Beauty is a day in South Carolina, full of sunshine.

I can fix things, like my car heater, thanks to a little help from my friends.

What you expect from people is usually what you get.

What you expect from yourself is always what you get.

I have two hundred channels on my dish. There is rarely anything good on.

Age is not always an indication of maturity.

Friends are sometimes like grinding wheels. They sharpen you, and sometimes it doesn’t feel good. But it’s not their fault… they are your friends. We all need sharpening occasionally.


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