Titles and Entitlement

My title: Worship Pastor 

What I do: Play guitar, sing. Worship God. Overall it’s a supreme gig in my book.

What I am: A husband to my wife, a father to my children, a son to my parents, And all I can be in-between.

What I am entitled to: … Death, and the grave. Up until I had my God moment, seeing Him heart to heart, I had lived a life that I myself would not have redeemed.  That just goes to prove that God’s ways are not men’s ways. God’s thoughts are so much higher than ours. What God has brought me to, and thru, is amazing and incredible, and what I recieve from Him is all out of proportion to what I deserve. He has rescued me, and taught me. Enabled me and grown me. He has given me a crown, and called it redemption. He is patient with me, ever so much more than I am with myself. He is the light, and love, in the darkness of my trampled battlefield of a life. He has given me the only real title that will ever matter: a son of God.

As far as what I’m owed…. only what God wants for me. I’ve learned to appreciate, and accept that.


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