God Loves You

but I’m his favorite.    

My daughter & I were on the way home tonight, and we were talkin’ about cars. She is 17 and in the early stages of temporarily losing her mind. She told me that she wants a Camaro, wouldn’t even consider another car… not a Jag, not a Viper, not a Corvette, she is done, stick a fork in her, her mind is made up. Not even a Jag? Nope, she wants what she wants. Not even a VIPER? No, not even one. She would sell the Viper, buy a house, then buy a Camaro, and be happy. She loves a Camaro… it’s her favorite. She likes the other cars for sure… but they aren’t her favorite. I have a favorite brand of guitar – Paul Reed Smith. I fell in love with the sound, looks, the performance of these guitars back when I was a working musician. Well, I got paid for it but it certainly wasn’t work, more like, I dunno, a getting paid to party & generally living a ruinous lifestyle while I got money for playing kind of thing. I have played many brands over the short years of my life, and I always come back to PRS. Gibsons? love ’em. Strats? yeah, great. Schechter Guitar Research? absolutely bee-a-youtiful instruments. I love ’em all. But PRS is my favorite. I told all my kids that it was OK to love yourself, be glad, rejoice in who you are, and what you are, because God rejoiced in us and loved us FIRST… 

God in His eternal wisdom died on the cross for me. ME. I was writing to a partner of mine today and told him that Christ took the beatings for us. For ME. I am not conceited enough to believe that God loves me and only me, but I do know that he is especially fond of me. His only son’s blood was shed on a rough cross, a tree, so that in Him I would be washed clean, and be able to live. TO LIVE. I wonder if 95% of the worlds’ population knows what it’s like to LIVE. To borrow the saying…We ALL will die, but how many of us truly live? An ex rocker that still rocks, (I rock for God now, and I am not ashamed of His gift in me) – an ex partier that still gets high, on God and on life, – an ex sinner that has become a saint that sins (God is still workin’… He will be done with that when I am done here on earth).  I am an ex now. But better than that, I am a present child of God, an heir with all the rights and heretofores that accompany that title. My Daddy can whip anybodies daddy, and I don’t think God would be mad with me if I called Him “Daddy”.

…. God loves YOU, and you must never ever forget that infallible truth, but I’m his favorite, and you need to feel that way too.

2 thoughts on “God Loves You

  1. Great Site and keep up the good work, hope to talk soon. I am an upcoming Christian Artist, the keywords to look for is Home or Ephesus.
    Wish I could find other ways to connect with Christians on the internet.

    Love In Christ,

    Alan Ray Jones

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