Update on Naomi ~ Day 4

Wendy is resting at Ronald Mcdonald house with the other kids. If you have never checked them out, please do so. They have been wonderful beyond anything I expected. Not just a room, but really like a home. I am with Naomi.

Naomi was put on a regular ventilator last night. The nurses and techs have been able to further clear her lungs. The EEG tells us that seizures are continuing in a disjointed manner. All of her vitals remain stable with the support she is recieving. She is currently off the Insulin drip. HUGE shout out to Jesus there! We will get past today with the swelling on her brain, and then we will see where we need to go. One minute at a time. hour by hour, day by day, then we will be walking out of here. Together. Waiting is hard. I don’t think I have ever done anything that is this hard. My thinking has become a little disjointed, little grace please. Wendy is finally eating a little more. We are just waiting right now for her little body to heal up. Thank you all for the prayers. Please go harder. Thanks for the many many words of encouragement from others that have been in our position. Please keep lifting Naomi’s name. I told one of her nurses that I don’t cry for what I fear is coming, I cry because I see the process. The process of healing. We stand and believe. I invite all of you to do the same. 


20 thoughts on “Update on Naomi ~ Day 4

  1. Chris & Wendy this is GOOD news! Our family will continue to pray even HARDER! Jim and myself just can’t bring ourselves to come to Richland Children’s hospital at this time and I know ya’ll understand why. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are with each and everyone of you.

  2. I am praying for your family. I understand how hard it is to see your child lying there helpless and not be able to do anything but pray and hope and sit beside them. My oldest son was born with a life threatening heart condition that required surgery to live. I also sustained a brain hemorrhage during delivery. Due to his birth trama we were unsure of his fate. He spent 2 months in MUSC and I also stayed at the ronald mcdonald house during that time. It was very heart breaking to not know if we were ever going to bring our child home. But im here to tell u that prayer truely works. If it weren’t for Gods hands on my son, he would’ve never made it. We had/have faith in God and his work. My son is now a very active 8 year old but he still has some medical issues we deal with daily. But he truely is a walking miracle. We do not know why things like this happen but God has his reasonings. We just have to have faith in him and believe in him. I know u don’t know me but I have been in ur situation and that’s why I wanted to share my story with u. Never give up hope. God works his miracles. I will continue to pray for all of u. Karen Hughes.

    • Chris, I have been praying continuously for Naomi and I do believe in miracles. Karen is speaking about my nephew, Skip’s cousin. He had a rough road, but he is very active now. Prayers do work.

  3. Love ya’ll. The updates are really amazing. So proud of all of you. Praying, praying, and praying. Thoughts are with ya’ll all day. God is with Naomi and all of you.

  4. I was regretting my past and fearing my future. Suddenly my Lord was speaking:”My Name Is I Am”He paused.I waited. He continued,”When you live in the past with its mistakes and regrets,it is hard.I am not there.My name is not I WAS.When you live in the future with its problems and fears,its hard.I am not there.My name is not I WILL BE.When you live in this moment it is not hard.
    I am here.My Name is I AM.
    Written by:Helen Mallicoat
    “and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen”
    Matthew 28:20 KJV
    And God said unto Moses, I AM THAT I AM: and He said,
    Thus shalt thou say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you.
    Exodus 3:14

  5. Chris and Wendy,
    Naomi is healed! We are all just waiting for the manifestation of that healing. It is done. Love you guys and waiting expectantly.

  6. I am praying for Naomi and all of you. I know the emotional roller coaster that you are on. I pray that God will bring ultimate healing and restoration to Naomi. May God fill all of you with “the PEACE that passeth all understanding.” May the Holy Spirit fill you with the fullnes of knowing “Your Redeemer Lives.” I love you all. Oh God I pray the prayer that never fails, “Lord May Your Will Be Done.” May God HOLD YOU all in his arms.

  7. Our family is lifting you and Naomi up in prayer!!! God is already being revealed through this ! We Love you all and pray for all of you. God Bless

  8. I don’t know you or your family Chris but my heart goes out to you and your family. We have a grandson that was born 2 1/2 months early and we spent many of days and nights at MUSC. He is now about to be a year old and is a sweet and precious baby boy that was healed by the power of the Lord. Prayer and Faith … You, your wife and your precious Naomi are in our Prayers and I have faith in the Power that he is going to heal Naomi. I have followed the updates since this happened and I ask and pray for you all each and everyday. I ask you Lord that you be with this precious baby girl and her family and heal her so that she can go back to her home and this family can be one again. Prayers and more
    Prayers are being lifted for this family.

    Troy and Erica Williams Orangeburg, SC

  9. Thanking And Praising God For All He’s Done So Far And For All That He’s Going To Do.
    We Continue To Pray For Your Little Angel Naomi….It’s Already Done. We Love You Guys.
    Mrs. Kennerly Wants You To Know That She’s Lifting You All Up In Prayer.
    Chris We Want You And Wendy To Know That Your FPA Is Here For You If You Need Anything At All Please Don’t Hesitate To Let Us Know, Wendy Has All Of Our Numbers.

  10. I’ve been reading all of the updates and it is beautiful how strong your faith is! God will certainly work miracles for your family and your baby girl will recover!!!

  11. GOD IS GOOD, ALL THE TIME! “ask, and ye shall receive!” we are praying for you and your family that God’s will be done according to His will for a complete and speedy recovery!!!
    God Will provide the strength you need to Praise Him for All He is going to do for you in this time of strengthening your faith. I KNOW HE CAN, I KNOW HE CAN~!!! LOVE YA BROTHER!

  12. Today,I learned about your precious Naomi. I am praying that God will give you all grace at this time. My nephew had a traumatic brain injury after a gun shot and he too was sent to Richland and put into a coma. I still remember the day he woke up from the coma and asked for his mother. I know waiting, trusting and praying is so hard right now and it seems as if time is standing still, but God is in control and He is working and answering prayers. I and others weep and pray for Naomi and her family. You will smile again because God’s got her!!

  13. Hello and Wendy I do not know you personally but we do have 2 mutural friends in common, Jesus and Jennique. I will continue to lift Naomi up in prayer. Continue to have faith in Gods healing power. He will restore her body and mind. May God continue to give you both peace in your trying times. I thank God for Naomi and you both.

    • I am praying for you, Chris, Wendy, and sweet Naomi. I pray that in God’s Will, Naomi will be healed completely and restored to perfect health soon. I pray for your unwavering desire for God’s Will in your family’s life, and for peace in that desire.

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