Update on Naomi ~ Day 8

I’m writing this a day late, gives me a chance to think about the day and pray over what needs to go in here.

Yesterday in the pre-dawn hours, Naomi’s pupils started reacting to light stimulus again. I picked up Wendy at the shift change (7 A.M.) and we came back to Ronald McDonald house to rest up for an hour or two. I went back at 9 to see baby Naomi and when I walked into her room, I saw the nurse holding her arm to the bed. Not like a crushing thing but firmly. I asked what she was doing and she told me she was checking for siezures.

Naomi was moving her left arm.

I was so excited I couldn’t really think straight, but called Wendy, in tears, and told her our baby was moving. By the time Wendy got there Nomi was moving her right arm also. By the end of the day she was moving both legs as well. The doctors have told us it is NOT siezure related activity. She is still asleep. She now has her cough reflex back. We are still waiting on the gag reflex, but we know it’s a matter of time now. She is starting to fight the ventilator… so they may need to sedate her just a little. The doctors want me to bring my guitar and play to her. That’s one request I can fill, trust me.

Wendy and I went to see our Caiti graduate last night, she was beautiful. Girl is going to do great things… she happens to be studying nursing. We have gone on a real roller coaster ride this past week, in our emotions, in our conversations with God. In our dealing with this pivotal, life changing event. God has proven to us His faithfulness. God has shown His mercy. His absolute love and mercy for us. He knows about the speck of sand in the parking lot in front of that hospital, as well as the the storms that rage on the face of Saturn. He is well able to shoulder every burden that I can throw at Him, and carry my Naomi safely in His arms at the same time. We have asked for a miracle. With a child-like faith we are recieving it. Naomi is receiving it. I say child-like because that’s how I seem to myself at times. Naive in the face of medical facts, completely trusting of God, at times wondering about the why. Completely getting lost in the love that provides comfort from this storm. It’s hard to stand strong for Naomi when I feel like I’m about to fold under the weight myself. The pain is still real, but just think… how painful would it be if Jesus was NOT in our lives. Instead of life changing it could have been life ending. God is still good, God is still faithful, God is still the miracle worker. Keep praying, He has heard, and answered. Bless the God of heaven and earth… He has answered us.


33 thoughts on “Update on Naomi ~ Day 8

  1. With faith the size of a mustard seed anything is possible. You are not standing alone Chris. God is GREAT!!

  2. What MARVELOUS news!!! Our God is ever so faithful.. Seeking, praying, thankful this day has brought you joy!!

    Love & prayers,

    Tiffany & Zman

  3. I’m Joyce Johnson’s mom, I have printed Naomi’s photo and have it sitting where I see it often every day. I join you in praying and you encourage me in sharing your faith. Reba

  4. when you feel your arms are ready to buckle let others hold them up……isnt that what aaron and hur did when moses arms were tired? as long as he held up his hands, isreal was winning the battle. when he got tired his right and left hand men stood and held them for him….. people around the johnsons…pray how god is calling you to hold their arms in victory……..

  5. Thank you so much for the continued updates! I wait daily to see what is going on with Miss Naomi 🙂 I pray that she stays on this road to recovery. God can ABSOLUTELY do anything!!!

  6. I rise before dawn and cry for help; I have put my hope in your word. Psalm 119:146-148

  7. I continue to pray for Naomi, you and Wendy. I know God is performing many miracles for Naomi. I keep her in my daily thoughts and prayers. I have her picture as my background on my BlackBerry. She is a precious child of God and a blessed gift. I pray throughout the day for you all for God to give you strength for each day. God will provide what you need just when you need it. He is our strength and rock. He will keep you going when you feel like you can’t go anymore. He will give you just what you need. He is healing Naomi’s body. I pray for complete restoration to her body. God is so good and awesome. We love you and I have my Sunday school class praying for her. God bless you all! We love you!

  8. God is good all the time. I can’t wait to read your blog stating that Naomi is awake and talking to you.

  9. Everyday, all day Naomi is on my Heart….I stand with you in FAITH..I am waiting, waiting on the news of her opening her eyes and smiling towards her mommy & Daddy….I trust GOD is hearing us and is going to Use this wonderful story of Faith and Healing!! Let it be done GOD, you know we are your children and YOU GOD–will GET all the GLORY and Honor for the rest of our days!! Yes Jesus, Yes Jesus, we LOVE YOU!!

  10. I am so happy and excited when I hear the great news about baby Naomi…..I know that God is with her and each of you…..I know that He is with the medical staff…..I know that God will heal Naomi…..I pray for strength for you and Wendy and the family…..I pray for comfort and rest to each of you….I just pray that with every passing moment of each day that baby Naomi will become stronger and stronger……I will continue to pray and ask these things in Jesus name….Amen!

  11. Such good news, Chris! We continue to rejoice with you and Wendy as each day brings new miracles and evidence of God’s grace, mercy, and awesomeness! We stand daily in very close proximity with God’s glow of breath around Becca…such an honor and a blessing we have been given. Keep strong and stand back and watch the miracles unfold. Many will go unnoticed by most. You will see them and know they are of God.

    The reference you made of the roller coaster we have indeed used for many years now. Our life with Becca we feel is a roller coaster ride. Many days we hold on for dear life not wanting to scream in fear for what is as we reach the bottom of the ride, and many more days we hold our hands to the sky and scream with delight and praise as we reach the top of the ride, see the view, bask in the Sonlight, and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation. But the brief respite on top of the mountain is for rest and recovery. We both know that the lessons are learned in the valleys where it is darker and the scenery is most times less than beautiful. We always pray to learn the lesson set before us so we can move onward and upward where again we will raise our hands as the roller coaster clicks to the top of the ride to worship and shout praises for His mercy and goodness, fully knowing the whole time that to get to the end of the ride we must once again ride it downward. Ahhh, but the end of the ride when we will see Jesus face to face and hope to hear Him say “Job well done” is the gasoline in my tank…the icing on the cake….the reason I can joyfully do His bidding daily. Becca makes it easy for me to carry out His plan.

    Know Naomi is closer to Him than we can ever hope to be on this earth. He will shine thru her and it will spill over onto you. Every morning Becca opens her beautiful blue eyes and manages to smile I see Jesus. Who else can say that? I am so blessed.

    Our oldest daughter Angie is a music therapist and we have seen the miracles that music can do. We had a music therapist come in for Becca. Her bed could also be set to play music of many types and we would set it when we had to leave so it would help drown out the sounds of the machines in the room. She will hear your music….we believe that Becca heard everything going on around her even when “they” thought she couldn’t. I read alot to her also. And we put on her favorite tv shows. Music is magic! I used to work for Children’s Hospital “in another life” ha! so ask them if they still have a music therapist…it will be an invaluable addition!

    We will continue to wear out our knees in prayer for Naomi, you, Wendy, and the rest of your family as you walk into this brave new world. His Love endures forever.


    • Nancy, your posts are such a blessing! You talk a lot about becca and I was just wondering about your story if you don’t mind me asking. Thank you for being willing to share your faith.

  12. I am Tara Anderson’s sister. My husband and I are praying for your precious Naomi. Praise God she is doing better! We read your updates daily. You and your wife are in our daily prayers also.

  13. Chris and Wendy,

    I am thrilled to hear the good news about Naomi. Continuing to pray for the entire family.

  14. Such a great report. The realization of just how big He is and His love, mercy, grace, and faithfulness towards us always blows me away. Will continue praying. Hope to meet your little miracle face to face one day. Blessings bro.

  15. Thanks for the updates and I am happy that Noami is coming around. Nobody but God he is amazing and always on time. I give all glory to God thank you Lord without you where would we be. Still in my prayers.

  16. Praise God for all his miracles. Sitting here reading her update on day 8 and it brought tears to my eyes. God is So Good and He will never leave us in our time of need.People can see a miracle being performed everyday in the healing process of Naomi.We serve a Big God. Again I praise God for all he has done and all He is going to do for Naomi. God Bless and take care.

  17. You guys are going to have a time fitting in all of the hugs she’s going to get when she’s back to a normal life.

    God is so good.

  18. I have been following Little Naomi’s progress and praying for you and your family. I am so excited for her. I am beleiving she is going to be fine. Praise God, he is so good to us all the time.


  19. May God bless you and your family as you go through this time. Keep praying, keep trusting, keep believing. He is able. You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.

  20. I don’t know you or your family but I am Crystal Thornburg’s friend. I have been praying for little Naomi since the day I read about her on Crystal’s Face Book. I have seen many miracles and I know our GOd is able. Please know that my church and my dad’s churches are praying for you guys. God bless you and your sweet baby girl.

  21. I will pray for little Naomi. God is with your family and baby Naomi through this ordeal. God is our refuge.

  22. Was this in the news? I was trying to show my mom about it and couldn’t find anything on this horrible accident. Please leave the link to any news cast. We will be praying.

  23. Chris and Wendy: We are praying and I have prayed at 3 today. Am asking my friend to pray and ask her church to pray. God is a loving God and when two or more and many pray in His name according to His will, it will be answered. It will be answered. Naomi has much to do in His name.

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