Update on Naomi ~ Day 11

Very excited right now to be in the midst of what I will only describe as the miracle. On May 20, baby Naomi drowned. 11 days later, she is off the ventilator. She is aware when she is awake. Baby girl has been fighting for a long time and is very tired at times. Wendy said when the vent came out, she tried to talk.

Aware. Attempting to talk to momma. Moving arms and legs. Breathing on her own. Stats look great. We are still dealing with some things, but they are all what the doctors said were “low priority” when we first got here. The fact that they are “higher” priority now is only a testament to the fact that the main priority is no longer that. No longer the main priority. Baby steps. That is what we are taking. Baby steps, all the while walking in a miracle. A thing more miraculous than each new sunrise that shows how far she has come. God’s miracle. 11 days. From non-responsive to trying to talk to momma. Do we have a long way to go? undoubtedly. Will we get there? Absolutely. Baby steps. Sitting here by her bed, she woke, and just tried to talk. Very hoarse. Momma is cooing, being momma. I’m so thankful that we let God be God.

By the way… I have never told you her full name.      It’s Naomi Faith Johnson.



26 thoughts on “Update on Naomi ~ Day 11

  1. Wow, I have chills. So happy for your little miracle. I will keep praying for full quick recovery. Bless you all.

  2. Praising God right this moment for all the joy you are now experiencing…even in the baby steps. See my message from day 10. Keep us updated as you can. Wish we would be there to help and encourage you both. You both need to rest when Naomi rests so you can be strong and ready when she wakes.

    Nancy and Eric

  3. Have been following. Never doubted for a minute. Know she will completely come through all the way. God is GOOD. So many people continuing to pray. What a testimony this is to the World.
    Jan Goin


  5. This whole thing has simply been amazing. Praising God for all He’s done and still doing. Got me crying at work lol, but thats ok. Her middle name is Faith… how fitting. Continuing in our prayers. God’s done so much already but He isn’t done displaying His power and love.

  6. Praising God and updating everyone that has been watching this unfold…thank you Naomi for confirming how great God is when we Let him be God. What an amazing story!!! I’m loving it!!

  7. Could barely read the update through the tears. Time to send up shouts of praise to our Almighty God! He is Great! Naomi is an amazing and special little girl. God has great plans for her. Praise the Lord! We will keep praying for you all, and will continue sending up praise for the miracle that has already happened.

  8. Amazed and humbled at your faith and testimony. It is a privilege to travel this journey with you through prayer…though we have never met. Standing in faith and surrender with you…Lynn Mulvey, Georgia

  9. Amen!! How Great is our God?!! He is awesome and worthy to be praised!! Wowow..i’m choking up reading this post. I’ve asked people that have never met you guys or Naomi to pray without ceasing..and i’m so grateful to see the work of God through the prayers of the Saints! Can’t imagine the feeling of her opening her hers and trying to talk. I love you guys and your family will forever be in my prayers! Muah

  10. We are in constant for you and your family. We are especially praying for Naomi. Continue to pray and keep the faith.

  11. HALLELUJAH!!! HALLELUJAH!!! Our GOD is an AWESOME GOD! I celebrate this miracle with you!

  12. your trust in God is nothing short of amazing. Naomi is going to have lots of stories about angels to tell when she wakes up. Don’t forget to blog those too! Your family is an inspiration. God bless you.

  13. Chris,

    Just so that I can see Naomi – the miracle I have been praying for – I am coming to The Sticks Conference in Oct. just so that I can meet the miracle in person!

    Praise God and continuing to pray.

  14. Iam so very happy and thankful for your baby Naomi and your family and you and everyone…….and most of all God!!!!! He is the mighty healer…..I am in tears just reading this….I am so happy for this miracle!

  15. Crying, laughing and Praising GOD, all at the same time!! My goosebumps have goosebumps…God is beyond AWESOME!! Still Praying for Naomi Faith!!

  16. I just knew the Good Lord! would not give me this peaceful feeling and let me down. Praise to God! If God has taken care of the high priority things he too will resolve the low priority things…Anxiously awaiting her first words and steps. That is what I am praying for now. So she can wear those flip flops..Only trust him…

  17. I am so happy to hear the great reports. But there was never any doubt. We serve an amazing God!!

  18. I’m teary-eyed as I read this! I just marvel at how good our God is! I just got some other great news of how awesome our God is,a true miracle, then to read this! Two miracles in one day! I have never met you, but my daughter Tara Anderson is friends of yours. I have been praying with you through all of this, and will continue to! Thank you for sharing your heart, your faith, your testimony with us.

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