Update on Naomi ~ Day 13

Thought I’d put a big picture up… represents how full my heart is right now…

Wow. Nearly two weeks. May 20: at 10pm Naomi is in intensive care… non-responsive. June 2: This morning she is sleepy, but will focus on us when we talk to her. Sometimes watching the tv. Alice in Wonderland. “I sometimes believe in 6 impossible things before breakfast” … me too.

Naomi is on a c-pap breathing mask now, and they dialed it down a little during the night. She is breathing on her own, better with each new day. The news today: We expect her to be out of ICU very shortly. Perhaps one more week. She is going to be OK. I can’t tell you how many times my wife and I have declared that over her in the past two weeks. We are now starting to glimpse the direction we are pointing in, now that we have stopped spinning so. Work does lay ahead, but we will accomplish that work. Make no doubt. I am broken by God’s favor, and the tears of thankfulness fall freely. God chose our Naomi to bring Hope. Peace. Realization. Faith. … Life to the part of the world that would know her story. There are now churches on 6 continents (that I know of) that are praying for Naomi. That are witness to the miracle. From China, to Africa, to Abu Dhabi in the Middle East. Australia. Europe. USA. South America. This is important to the world. God chose Naomi to bring some Peace. Some Hope. Faith. Jesus held my baby in His arms, and breathed new life into her… and me. And my family. You are the church. Witness this Miracle. There is no other way to describe it. Call a rose a rose, a fish a fish and Naomi’s breathing today a miracle.

Witness Mercy. Witness God’s wonders. Witness this miracle.


27 thoughts on “Update on Naomi ~ Day 13

  1. Wow! The Joy I feel is from the Lord! Praise His Mighty Name!

    God Bless Naomi, her amazing parents and family!

  2. Rejoicing and praising God for the continued wonderful news…..we are standing in faith believing that Naomi will walk out of the hospital completely and totally restored. We pray every day several times a day and the Lord has heard the cries of His people. Your family walking through this wilderness experience is a testimony to so many. God has shown Himself in a Big Way and received the glory for the miracle that continues. “Having done all, STAND.” and we are standing, praising, crying and loving this miracle.

    Claire and Larry

  3. Praise our God bro. Thanks for living out your faith in real time for the world to see and know that God is good!

  4. Oh the joy it brings to read this! Praise be to God for every little detail He has so lovingly taken care of. Blessings bro!

  5. Every time I read one of your updates, the Holy Spirit fills my heart with such joy I begin to cry in wonder and amazement and love! Love for this little girl I’ll never meet, but who reminds me of my own child this age, and ‘there but for the grace of God’…we are all praying for Naomi to be completely healed, with NO complications, and looking forward to seeing the spirit of God touch her and others around this big world, reminding us that He DOES care about us, about the little ones, and loves us all so much He sent His Son Jesus Christ to die and LIVE for all of us! :*) Big hugs from me and my kids to Miss Naomi!!! {{{Hugs}}}

  6. It is a miracle, one we prayed for and believed in resolutely these past 2 weeks. I’m so blessed to know that my constant thoughts and prayers have joined with so many others around the world to reach God’s ear. We are all blessed by little Naomi, and we are changed by her in so many ways

  7. Our prayers are with you. We are mission workers in Sri Lanka. Came to know thro’ Twitter.
    Our family and our staff will be praying until we hear the good news.

    He is in control!

    van Buriks and their staff

  8. We continue to give praise to God for his great work. He is using Naomi and you family to touch the world for Jesus. Our prayers continue.

  9. Our prayer when Becca was in her 2-week coma last year was that she would be healed and we could indeed take her home with us because I was not finished learning from her and basking in the direct line to God so clear in her eyes, her body, her life as He continually works thru her. Our prayers were answered. He’s not finished with me yet, and He’s NOT finished with Naomi and her testimony yet. You are the portal thru which she will shine and let all know that our God reigns.

    I wake every morning, drink in Becca’s smile, and can’t wait to see if you have posted the latest update for the day on Naomi’s progress. Thank you for allowing us to pray for you all.

    Nancy and Eric

  10. PRAISE GOD!! HE works in HIS time….and what wonderful work HE does!! My family has been following Naomi’s progress and have been praying for all of you! We will continue to keep you all in our prayers.

  11. My tears flow, Chris-not in sadness, but in awe of a God of the universe who cares so deeply for each life He created. NOTHING WILL EVER BE THE SAME.

  12. The Lord’s love shinning down on us! The last 2 weeks have proven that the prayers of the many for the one is effective. Love for this family and little Naomi is awesome. The Lord blesses all who have share their story. We will continue prayers and add more to the ever growing needs. This world keeps change, but Our GOD stays the same.

    We rejoice with you and wait for the complete healing!

  13. tears of joy flow so abundantly right now i am actually snotting myself. not to many people i can say that to, and know they would understand :). watching how you guys have walked through this with christ and stayed focused on him, and confident in him, blows my mind. you guys are a continued inspiration for me to push myself towards him daily. i cant wait……..

  14. ….MOVED beyond words…SHOUT PRAISES TO OUR FATHER!!!…We will continue to pray and stand BELIEVING in our Jehovah Rapha!!…And continue to lift you, Wendy, and your family…for strength, peace, wisdom, and guidance…

    Love and Hugs,
    Beverly Thomas

  15. So glad for Naomi and your family. Faith is wonderful and God can always perform the greatest mircles. God bless you all

  16. Amen Brother, a miracle indeed. Words are inadequate to describe the joy I’m feeling for you guys with each good report. Nor the heartache I felt that Sunday when I heard the story initially. And it really makes me wonder because before that day, I wouldn’t have known you from Adam’s housecat. I can’t really explain why the story hit me so hard, or why I still can’t read the updates you post without my voice cracking and my eyes tearing. Other than GOD really wanted to get my attention with this accident happening to for all intents and purposes a total stranger. Albeit a brother in Christ, and now since the partnership, a Cornerstone brother. Awesome news, and as I’ve said, I hope to meet you guys in person soon.

  17. Chris, Smith Wigglesworth once said:” There’s something about believing God that will cause Him to pass over a million people just to get to you”. As a man responsible for raising more than 20 people from the dead, I think he might know a thing or two about believing God (FAITH). Judy and I have been standing and believing with you and Wendy since we first got the news. We know what God CAN and WANTS to do in little Naomi’s life. We are excited about the future for all of you. We are standing strong in faith with the Johnson family. THE MIRACLE HAS JUST BEGUN!!!

  18. Thank you God! What a wonderful update. Thank you so much for sharing this with us Chris. She is only 3 years old and has touched countless lives. The best is yet to come for Naomi. Praise God!

  19. Naomi’s story has brought hope to me and my family. My 18 month old baby, Zoey, is in the ICU from a near drowning on May 25. Her story has spread all over the world as well and prayers are coming from everywhere. She is still on the breathing machine but they are hoping to take it out in the morning. I will be praying for Naomi and asking for yall to pray for my Zoey as well. Thank you for bringing me some hope.

  20. Praise God! This baby is such a testimony to the power of God! And she is going to HAVE such a testimony when she gets older! What a wonderful way to start my day! Thanks so much for sharing your pain AND your JOY with us! Praise be to God for His Unspeakable Gift!!

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