Update on Naomi ~ Day 14

Naomi is off of the c-pap mask now. Wendy got to hold her last night on the couch. Wendy said she slept better than any night she had been up there. I didn’t ask if she meant herself (Wendy) or Naomi. The rest of us are back in Orangeburg because my Caiti had to take her certification test this morning for CNA, and we spent the night at home. I have been calling the Ronald McDonald house home also, but last night we stayed in Orangeburg. As soon as Cait rolls thru the door we are heading back. Can’t wait to see my baby girl. They are are already doing rehab with her. They have a chair they can put in her bed so she can sit upright, to watch her cartoons. Wendy and the nurses want to see if she will start taking any food today. See if she will swallow correctly. The doctors say they may look at a feeding tube in her stomach by end of next week, so we are going to make sure she is eating on her own by then. Pro-active, not re-active. The doctors also want to have her placed in an in-patient rehab center as soon as possible. Whatever is best for her. Two of the centers they are looking at are 140 miles from home. That may put a damper on semi-weekly drives to and from home. Wendy and I would just as soon have her walk out of there, even if she needs a little help, and believe me… that’s what we are praying for.

We are so thankful for the prayers, encouragement, calls, love, and support we have recieved on Naomi’s behalf. She is a special little girl, full of a special promise. We have recieved many e-mails from others that have been given hope from her story. We have talked to many people that have had their faith renewed… strengthened. The big Church is being strengthened. That’s just how God rolls. Taking what was intended for evil, and using it for good. What one of my friends called “God news, not good news”.

In my own prayers for Naomi today I am praying for Jason, and for Zoey. Praying for God news…


13 thoughts on “Update on Naomi ~ Day 14

  1. We’ve been keeping up with itty-bitty thru Freddie & Lisa and have you in our prayers
    Fred and Joyce

  2. Chris and Wendy,
    Reach Point Ministry and the prayer group that meets at our home as well as others in my prayer chain around the world are continuing to lift Naomi up in prayer. She will receive complete restoration! I heard it from the big guy while interceeding on Naomi’s behalf. I am believing this and will not allow anyone to say anything other than just that!

    We are with you in spirit!

    God Bless and may He continue to carry you through this amazing miracle!

    • Cindy, we believe with you! God has shown His faithfulness again and again for Naomi. Thanks for interceding, and thanks for the love towards our family!

  3. I am encouraged everyday. I can’t wait to see Naomi running around. God is good ALL OF THE TIME!

  4. If there is one thing I know that I know that I KNOW to be true is that God will take any circumstance, no matter how terrible or difficult of seemingly impossible (for we know that ALL things are possible), and work it for His good. He has plans to prosper Naomi (you), not to harm her (you), plans to give her (you, Becca, me!) a future. This I know.

    We are partners in Christ,

    Nancy and Eric

  5. Walton rehab in Augusta,GA use to have a awesome pediatric rehab unit, check it out and see if they can meet Naomi’s needs. Honeward bound ministries is still praying for her daily.

  6. I love reading these post. I am so happy that little Naomi is doing better. It has definitely strengthened my beliefs. It is amazing the work that God can do. I thank you for sharing your heart ache, your belief in God that he would pull through, and the happiness that his work has brought. Continuously praying for your beautiful baby girl Naomi.

  7. Your story just reminded me that I need to go back to the children’s hospital and volunteer again soon. I love seeing stories like this unfold in front of me and children progress wonderfully. I’ve been in the Ashley River building for so long I’ve almost forgotten about my babies. ❤ Praying for little Naomi, I know she's gonna walk outta there soon enough!

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