Update on Naomi ~ Day 15

Naomi had a restless night. She seems to be in some pain. We don’t know why.. It could be any number of things. She has had a low grade fever that cycles into a higher fever. She might just feel bad from the that, or it could be any of the many little pinpricks all over from where she was on life support. A big storm came thru Thursday night and she hasn’t really slept much since then… dozing in and out. The good news is that she has been doing some rehab already. They have a big soft high back chair she has been sitting up in so she can watch cartoons… although from what I have seen she is mainly dozing most of the time. Please pray for her to be comfortable in this time of healing. She is still coughing up some junk, she has her gag reflex back. Big time… I have come to appreciate her doctors and nurses more every day. Truly caring and compassionate, top shelf knowledge. We have made several good friends since being here.

I was thinking back to some knowledge I gained very recently… that even though God has given us the victory, we still must fight for that victory. He gave His people victory time after time, yet they still had to go do battle to claim it. Well… now it’s time to once again stand in the power that comes from Christ alone. The Lord is a warrior, and if we belong to Him, we must be warriors too. Faith is one of the weapons we wield. Thru faith, we can face the mountain, or the sickness, and say “move”, take heart and be brave, for if the King of kings and God of gods would be for us, then who can stand against us? On this battlefield, I will not run. I will stand. I will fight for my daughter. I will use the weapons that God has given me, none of which belong to my enemy. Faith. Love. Peace. Prayer. The word of God. The cry of victory and the call of destiny is too often lost, unheard in the heated cries of battle. I know that call because I turned my face to Him long before the battle started. We know that victory because we stand in the middle of that which is impossible. Naomi is God’s, and we stand as one, all around the world believing that our cry to God is heard, understood, and acted upon. God has given us the victory, we know it. We have heard the promise. We see it in our daughter that should not be here, yet is, as a miracle gift from God. WE WILL NOT BE AFRAID. I stand on the promise of a Holy God. We are His warriors in this fight. Now raise your voices to the Prince of Peace and STAND FOR NAOMI… stand for YOURSELVES and BELIEVE.

Arise little Naomi. Take your place and testify to God’s glorious mercy and compassion.


14 thoughts on “Update on Naomi ~ Day 15

  1. Hiya, I survived my first TBI when I was 6 and have been able to “feel” the pressure changes in storms ever since. That’s the first thing that came to mind when you said the weather was bad. As a kid I just remember my head and muscles hurting and me feeling yucky – though I love rain. I could not sleep for a night or two before or after. As an adult I get migraines along with the sleep disturbance but I think its due to the added stress of being a wife and mom myself. I’m not a doctor but I do have 3 TBI’s and a whiplash injury from 04 that triggered them all. Just throwing an idea out there. It could be weather related. Even if the damage is mild, it could still be triggered by pressure changes. We know God is our healer, our physician, and our strength, so continued prayers your way ~

    • The great thing is God is a healer! Praying that God will heal you as well. Lord I thank You that no matter what happened in the past to Lis, that Your healing is no respecter of persons. Heal her Lord so that there will be no signs of childhood injury or any other injury! I stand in faith with Lis Lord! Thank You Lord!!

      Lord as little Naomi recovers, thank You for the awesome testimony that she will have that will bring 1000s upon 1000s to Christ! Even as a young child she will be heard around the world for Your Glory! Hallelujah to your name Jesus!

  2. I’m praying for her and love the quote you said, “even though God has given us victory, we still must fight for that victory.” So true! We had been praying for my dad for healing from inoperable 4th stage lung cancer and he was given a miracle it went away. But once we let up on our prayers, it appeared in his other lung. That quote really HIT me!

    God’s promises never return void. Thank you for this post of encouragement and I as well as my family join you in the Fight, as a warriors, in complete Faith that the Lord hears AND answers our prayers.

    Heavenly Father, please COMPLETELY heal Naomi and bring peace, comfort, increased trust and faith to her family during this time. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

  3. I will continue to Pray for Naomi & have Faith that the Lord hears my Prayers and will bring Joy and Happiness to this Tiny Wonderful & Beautiful Child & her Loving Family, Amen.

  4. Almighty God, we just praise Your name for the miracles You have already performed on this precious child! We speak healing over her; complete & total healing. Satan, we rebuke you in Jesus’ name! God is more poweful than any other force. We just praise Your name, God, for You are an Awesome God! We claim Victory for this child, in Jesus’ name! Amen & Amen

  5. We remain in prayer for her healing and comfort and think of you all many many times daily.

    Nancy and Eric

  6. Dear God, please continue Your miracles in the life of Naomi. Please take her pain and restlessness away so that her body will get the rest she needs. Thank you God for the blessings and miracles You have already performed in her life. Please continue to strengthen her parents, siblings and all the family as they go through this difficult time. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

  7. Lord continue to cover Naomi under your precious blood…..Believing that it’s already done.Amen,Amen and AMEN !!!

  8. Dear Chris & Wendy,please keep saying these prayers, till breakthrough.I know you have begun. Your clue to knowing you are victorious is that the enemy will come down hard against you, with fatigue, sleep & heaviness of tongue, but please press on even if you feel u r going insane, the Lord will strengthen you. These are prayers which teach your hands to war and your fingers to fight.

    Bless you precious, brother & sister in the name of Jesus.You wouldn’t have come this far, if you were not first class warriors.
    Love You,

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