Update on Naomi ~ Day 16

2:20 pm. Just got here from church. I went today to help lead worship, and I will say it… was broken by my worship much of the day. Really felt good to be in the company of my people. Many hugs and much love, much praise for our God today.

Today Naomi has had a very good day. No fever all day long! Her breathing has really leveled out smoothly and Her pain is much less today. Wendy told the doctors that it was her formula not agreeing with her, and guess what… it seems like she was right. Imagine that… a mommy being right. Changed the formula and she seems much better tonight. The physical therapists are going to do some swallow tests in the morning, see if we can get her eating by midweek. Baby food I guess. A gastroenterologist came to see her today. She really seems much more at ease tonight than last night.

I really would like to take a second and lavish much praise on the staff here. The nurses, the doctors, even the cleaning ladies. Caring, kind, compassionate, giving the medical side without dampening the spiritual. Many times giving words of encouragement from the spiritual side of things. I wish I could list them all, I think I know every one of them by name. One day soon I am going to throw a party for Nomi and all of the peeps up here have an invite. Might be hard, cause then it would leave this floor deserted! Many thanks for the prayers of my warrior friends all over the world. We see the hope that Naomi has given thru her testimony in e-mails and comments, and we know she has a destiny of significant proprtions. God bless our baby girl, she is a beam of hope in a world of darkness and dismay.


7 thoughts on “Update on Naomi ~ Day 16

  1. Chris,

    I wanted to tell you how inspirational this situation with your beautiful little girl is. This Sunday we talked about the touch of Jesus and the healing powers he brings in all forms and that through faith we experience miracles such as little Naomi. I get goosebumps thinking about it. Your faith and Wendy’s faith and God’s will for Naomi is what saved her life. The other message to be told is how strong your and Wendy’s relationship with Christ must be to have endured such a test and still you are standing strong in Christ and in the faith you have with the Father. Unbelievable!!! I am now reaffirming my faith in Jesus because of your story and how I long to have a bond that strong with my Creator and Father!!! God Bless your family now and always!!!

    ~Jessica Gutierrez

    • Jessica, thanks for your kind words, I’m sure that you are well on your way to developing that bond. Make it personal, and keep your eye on Him. He never fails.

  2. He never fails! Truer words have never been spoken Chris. His will and His greater good will prevail every time. Thank you for the update. You are all in my thoughts and prayers everyday.

  3. God is and will always be the great physician and He holds Naomi in his loving arms. So great to hear each baby step taken. You are still in my heart and prayers lifting you to vast in God’s grace.

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