Update on Naomi ~ Day 19

Sorry to have missed posting for a couple of days, just caught up on some rest… watched a few movies. Thought about some things my wife and I had talked about.

Naomi is doing much better. Every day brings another victory. I am reminded of a thought I had early on: A thousand baby steps away from the edge means that you are no longer near the edge. Naomi is still in some pain, but we have figured out why. She had an IV in her foot and the doctors were giving her potassium chloride, and it seeped into her skin around the IV site, giving her a pretty nasty little chemical burn. Not an uncommon problem. As a daddy watching her, I know that’s where she hurts. Her tummy hurts her sometimes too because of digestion. We know that these will be fine eventually. The doctors still have not performed a swallow test, they want her to be a little more alert, but from what I have seen over the past hour, she seems pretty alert to me. Reaching for her tummy (it’s hurting again), and eyes wide open. She seems to see us from the periphery of her eyesite. She does not focus and track looking at us straight on, but does from looking at us off center. She is scheduled to have a feeding tube inserted into her tummy on Friday at 8 AM. We are familiar with them, one of our good friends has a little boy with one… that is to say, Wendy is familiar with the feeding tube. I am on a significant lurning curve.

Yesterday Wendy made a comment she said “thank You God for blessing us with and in this time of testing”.  Really got me thinking. Faith. Blessing. Shadow. Light. Last night in prayer for Naomi, I claimed Naomi’s possessions and destiny for her. I had prayed this several times, but last night was different. Faith. Naomi and her journey portray God’s justice and mercy and love for us, all wrapped up in tragedy. The tragedy of Naomi’s drowning is trumped only by God’s miraculous intevention; she is still alive…and getting better daily.  Through faith, not hope, we believed. Steadfast. Blessing has rained down on us, and her, because we are now closer to God that at any point in our lives. Nearly crushing. We are glad for the weight. The shadow of spiritual warfare still looms in our life, and it is sharpening us… as in my entire family. Mom, dad, brothers, kids... wife.   ME.   Through God’s extreme and relentless love and protection of my baby girl, a life changing light has flooded all of our lives. We accept it gladly.

Faith. We thought we had it before. Now we know it.


15 thoughts on “Update on Naomi ~ Day 19

  1. Glad to hear that she is progressing. Again, thanks for sharing this with all of us. That life changing light has flooded many lives. Will continue to pray fervently for Naomi, Wendy, and you. May God continue to bless you

    • Jessie, we appreciate you man. We will have to make a trip to Bama one day. I bet it will feel a lot like coming home.

  2. And Amen, Chris! Immeasurable blessings come in darkness. Jesus holds our special children and we are fortunate to basque in their shadow! My walk with Christ would never be as close to Him if it were not for Becca on His shoulders.

    Praising Naomi’s progress!

    Nancy and Eric

    • Thanks for that Nancy. Wendy and I plan on contacting you and Eric when we all get home. We appreciate your special insights. Give Becca our love.

  3. We continue to think and pray for Naomi and the family daily. Pray for blessings continue to poor into that hospital room! Give Naomi a special hug and kiss from Layla! She misses her at church!
    Love you all,
    Wendy and Brian

  4. My eyes filled with tears as I read this note…….I am so very happy to hear that Naomi is doing better……Your words are just courage to my heart…..God Bless you and Wendy, Naomi, and the rest of the family………God is Good all the time………………………………..Praying for Naomi…….

  5. Hi Chris ….I was so touched by your story the other day when you stopped in to get lunch….my prayers are with you and your family…what a beautiful little girl.

    • Hi Maria, and thank you! It was good to talk to you the other day… was nice to have a friendly ear… you should friend me on FB!

  6. My church family and I have been praying for Naomi and your family since we heard about her accident. My dad’s churches are also praying for you guys. You don’t know how many lives your daughter has touched. I live in VA and my dad in PA . I will continue to pray that God brings complete healing for all of you!!

  7. So glad to hear Naomi is doing better today. Baby steps are awesome! I remember when Ja took his first baby step (amazing I can remember back that far )LOL, and the joy that filled my heart l can only image how much joy you feel with the smallest of steps and the faith that you and Wendy have has not only inspires me but many others. Thank you for reminding me that no matter how big or small our trials are our God is always bigger. Still praying and God bless.

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