Update on Naomi ~ Day 24


Naomi is still progressing, a little bit every day. We have come out of the valley of the shadow. She is moving her legs on her own now. She draws her left leg up, bent at the knee, my thinking is to be a bit more comfortable. She is moving her arms more now. She is very flexible, even though she has been largely immobile for 2-1/2 weeks. She is not talking… yet. Sometimes she acts like she wants to, moving her mouth and lips… in what looks like frustration to me. She now has a G-tube and has been eating thru that for 2 days! She has started to swallow, but the doctors are leaving the swallow test to the rehab hospital. Today Wendy walked across the room (talking the whole way) and Naomi turned her head to follow her voice… (cue tears) she holds our hand, squeezing when we ask. It takes a second or two, but the squeeze is undeniable, just like the evidence of God’s miracle… laying in this hospital bed, alive and coming back from where she has been. Thursday night she tried to reach for Wendy, Today she reached for the computer, seeing her “bubba” when we Skyped in a call to him. I am glad that now people other than me and Wendy are witness to some of these small signs. The tears of our friends and family when they visit this miracle are proof that we are not alone in the battle. Call it what it is. Battle. She is still in some pain from the potassium chloride burn on her foot, but Wendy saw it when it was re-dressed it this morning and said it looked better. We eagerly wait on the news that we are going to the rehab hospital. Naomi is free of all tubes and central lines and IVs except for feeding tube and 1 IV in her foot, used for fluids, and that will be out soon. Reading some this morning, I came across this. Prophetic, it speaks to what has been for these last three weeks, and what will be in the future.

Psalm 77:6 I remember my music in the night, With my heart I meditate, and my spirit searches diligently.

My music is the love of Naomi, along with the rest of my family. They have always been good at calming the lion in me. With my heart I have meditated on God’s mercy. On His power. On His love, that he would choose a faith like mine and Wendy’s to show the He is reliable, and trustworthy. Trust me, I have leaned on, pounded on that faith, and it has seemed to be very small at times. Then I look to my wife, who has been a rock. My spirit has searched… still does. God has chosen to bring me into a place I never would have known. It is amazing that God would will to know my heart, my family’s heart, this intimately.

It’s amazing to me that God would know my music, and love it to life.


9 thoughts on “Update on Naomi ~ Day 24

  1. Thanks for the update…still standing with you and your family in prayer and hope.


  2. Thanks so much Chris and Wendy for your faithfulness in this whole situation…I tell you the truth you both have inspired me to believe more deeply than i ever thought possible. I cant wait to see what God does next..praying and waiting with you my brother and sister..YBIC Brian

  3. I am constantly praying for your family, even right now. I am definitely believing that God is completely healing Naomi. Your faith is definitely inspiring.Cookie

  4. Chris,

    I am very glad to see the progress Naomi is making. You are going to have such a powerful witness after everything is restored… Wait! You already do have a powerful witness as so many people witness this restoration. I want you to know that my whole family is praying for you. Even my daughters remember Naomi every night.

    God bless!


  5. Thanks for the update Chris. I always look forward to reading about how she is progressing. We are still praying Naomi and your entire family.

  6. I so appreciate these updates Chris. It’s simply amazing to see God at work. You guys are very special to Him.

    • Thanks for your kind words Jessie. I did get your message, just haven’t returned many calls yet. I ‘preciate you my man, you have been a great encouragemnet to us…

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