Update on Naomi ~ Day 32

Today is Naomi’s first full day in rehab, and I am not there with her. My wife Wendy is there, no doubt loving on her as she takes every baby step toward recovery. Wendy and I have talked several times today and Naomi is doing OK. A little fussy at having to be up and going after spending 4 weeks in bed, but sleeping better last night and taking a good nap today. Wendy says the doctors have told her that Nomi will only be there for two weeks, three weeks tops. I will be headed to the hospital after Thursday night’s worship team rehearsal, and I am so looking forward to getting there. I have been doing much thinking and pondering… meditating on our Naomi. On this miracle. On the healing that was shown in our baby girl. Sunday before she left to go to rehab she was being a little fussy and I, being the cool dad that I am, put Minnie Mouse sunglasses on her. I had just bought them for her a couple hours before. As soon as the glasses slipped over her pretty little ears and settled on her little nose, she looked straight at me and grinned. That smile warmed my heart and brought fresh tears to my eyes. I think about the hazy memories of that day I received the panicked phone call. I think about the stranger outside her ER room here in Orangeburg, openly weeping with upstretched arms, crying out to God for “the baby”… I think about what life would be like without Faith. I think about that smile, and how relief flooded my heart when I saw it.

I think about God giving His own son for me. How that must feel. Why would He? How could He? I think about how hard we all prayed for Naomi, to remain. To recover. To be restored. Grace. Naomi. God. Love. Tears.   Jesus.

Restoration. Naomi. Smiling… restored.


18 thoughts on “Update on Naomi ~ Day 32

  1. So happy to read your updates. This miracle will mark the beginning of a new, stronger faith for a lot of people that know the story. Continuing to pray for all of you. Blessings!

  2. I love it Chris, what a perfect little picture on her way to recovery! She looks like she is saying “Ya’ll aint seen nothing yet!” Thanks for sharing…..and God bless you all!

  3. What a great picture to see Chris! That is one special little girl. We are still praying for you all and can’t wait to see the blog when she is coming home for that party. God bless you my friend.

  4. Chris,
    Renae said what I was thinking. I Love the picture! Naomi it truly a “Miracle” and I thank God for being a witness to this Awesome “Miracle Child”! May God continue to Bless Naomi and You, her Famly and we give Him all of the Honor and the Glory!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Rhonda Garrett

  5. Brother I rejoice with you today and for the sight of that sweet faith-borne smile on Naomi’s face… Thanking God for Isaiah 53 and Isaiah 58 promises for your lil angel… Grace and peace to you!

  6. Chris/Wendy – I am so happy that she is in rehab and home soon. Thanks for the updates. I look forward to them. You know how I feel about ya’ll and your whole family. Love the picture. She is so cute and precious.

  7. Praise God from whom all blessings flow, I have chills after seeing that sweet picture of your little gril smileing. I am so happy for her and your whole family. God is so good and he has big plans for your little gril. I look forward to your updates and still praying for you all.

  8. What a beautiful picture of precious Naomi! Glad to hear you all transferred successfully and now to learn, move, and let God move …. again! Beautiful words today, Chris. They motivate and rejuvenate me as I sit here in ICU at MUSC with Becca….once again. Brought her in last night with signs of pneumonia and lots of tests, etc…you know the routine. Once again God has shown His glory….very bumpy Sunday and Monday but reprise on Tuesday. My gut told me different. Thank God for my God/gut feelings that He gives me as we wade thru this Becca life. Thank God for His grace and mercy…new every day. I’m doing the study, Purpose-Driven Life, by Rick Warren, with Becca daily. We are half thru and it is so uplifting to me as I read aloud to Becca. As if I felt I needed new purpose…this is filling my tank for sure!

    Hang in there, keep with the updates, and our prayers are never ceasing for Naomi’s healing, the miracles even YET to be unfolded and revealed to those fortunate enough to be around her, and the strength for you and Wendy to endure and persevere thru this as you minister to everyone around you. We love you.

    Eric, Nancy, and our Becca

    • Nancy, thank you. We have been praying for Becca too, I can only wonder at our strength when I think of you and Eric, stronger than the redwoods! God bless you.

      • He is the source of our strength. I can do ALL things through Christ who strengthens me/us! And He has blessed us with Becca…she blesses me every day by allowing me to care for her. It is an honor to have her in my life and fulfill His request of me to be her caregiver. I could not ask for more.

        Hang in there, Chris and Wendy. There are blessings around every every every corner. He has promised to take care of us, not to hurt us….oh what great plans He has…I cannot wait to see them unfold.

        Love to you both,


  9. I can’t read your updates without tearing up and thinking how wonderfully awesome our God is. I’m so happy, thankful, excited, and amazed by Naomi’s miracles. “Oh how sweet to trust in Jesus..”

  10. and Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see Your family has demonstrated this verse from Hebrews beautifully. Continuing to rejoice and stand with you all. Claire and Larry Porter

  11. Chris, I was drawn to your family’s story several weeks ago by a post on Facebook by someone in your church requesting prayers for little Naomi. I don’t know the person who sent it, but I know God’s hand was in it because I have been so uplifted by your words, your faith in God, and the miracle that I have been blessed to witness through your words. Your precious little Naomi and your family have been in my prayers daily. That sweet little smile brought tears to my eyes this morning! Our God IS an awesome God! Thank you for sharing your story.

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