Update on Naomi ~ Day 40

May 20. My daughter Naomi was in an accident… she drowned. This picture was taken 36 days later. On May 21 we were told our daughter would possibly not survive the next two days, if she did, she would likely need long term medical care. Today, 40 days after the accident, she is coming back. She laughs. Smiles. Plays “high five” now. Activates the toys in rehab when asked too. She is not talking yet, walking yet, or eating by mouth yet. What she is doing is learning again, more every day. Loves to snuggle with her momma. Loves seeing her daddy walk into the room, as she breaks into huge smiles. Loves to cuddle with the stuffed animals crowding her bed. Gets mad when a nurse comes in because she thinks it’s gonna hurt. This little girl, whose middle name happens to be Faith, has taught more people more about God and inner character than I ever would have thought possible… me included. God saw fit to spare the life of our baby… because… people would be drawn closer to Him?  ‘Cause people would come to know Him? People with faith already there would experience renewal. People without faith would have yet one more chance to learn what God is. How he controls life and death and love, and grace, and mercy. How He could teach a “worship pastor” what true dependence costs… and what true dependence pays.

True dependence costs all that I am. My heart, my soul. My everything. It’s where real faith lives. It’s where we can lay it all down, and know that it will all be OK. What does it pay? Peace. Prosperity. Blessing. Grace. Mercy. Honor. Power. It is wisdom. It is the ability to stand and see that which does not exist yet, and speak life into circumstance because I know… It’s the ability to know what God has spoken to you and then you speak it into being, not because you wish it, but because you know it. Naomi will be OK, thanks to God, a million times over. My crying days have just started… Not just ended, because now I’m broken by the fact that if it weren’t for Jesus, breathing life and wisdom and fire and FAITH, I would never have know her smiles again… not after May 20.


13 thoughts on “Update on Naomi ~ Day 40

  1. All things are new..beauty in the ashes.. Beautiful little Naomi is new again!

    Your words carry me, Chris.


  2. Chris, I’ve not shared this with you or Wendy previously. Although I don’t know you, when I saw the tweet/post on May 20, I was immediately gripped with big time intercession & grave concern. I live in the Phoenix, Arizona area and my husband and I were down in Tucson in the pre-sessions for a weekend Cleansing Stream retreat where we teach and minister at twice a year. I shared the story with my husband and another on the ministry team that afternoon. I continued to intercede for Naomi throughout the afternoon. That evening, as our opening session began and into worship I was thinking of and praying for her. During one of the songs, while singing I felt as if I was singing over her. At a point during worship as I was interceding for her (I don’t remember whether it was during that song or not), I felt I heard the Spirit say, “It is done.” From that moment on, I can tell you there was a shift in my spirit’s intensity – a shift that I did not create. Yet I continued prayer as she was brought to my remembrance, to this day – as I will continue to do. Our God is amazing!!

    I mentioned in an early tweet/post to you, that when my daughter who is now 35, was 19 months, she hung herself and we nearly lost her. But God restored completely!! Our journey wasn’t as lengthy as yours has been, but still I feel like I have felt just an ‘inth’ of what you have felt.

    One day, I’d love to make a trip to South Carolina, and give this baby a big hug! 🙂

    I suspect you and Wendy have ministered to others during this times in ways you may never know. Many, many blessings to you and your family!!

    Connie Burgess

  3. I’ve been silently watching and praying for your family’s story. Now, I can’t resist to comment.

    You’re story proves how BIG is our God.

    I’ve used your testimony a couple of times in my preaching and in my small group. I know it did touched lives.


  4. Praise, honor and glory to our great Healer, Provider and Sustainer of Life!! Dependence is what it is all about…..We are continuing in prayer with your family and all other believers around the world affirming the complete healing and rejoicing. I put my hands up in praise in my office at work and thank the Lord sincerely for what He has done. To God Be The Glory! Amen and Amen! Claire and Larry Porter

  5. I love this entry. It is so true. I have been bragging about how God is working in this situation and how you have been allowing God to work. People are inspired by your faith and reliance on God and they do not even know you. One excellent thing is to see you practice what you preach.
    I am still praying and rejoicing as our GOD continues to orchestrates this situation. For I truly see that all things work together for good to them that love God. You have shown the world that you love God and HE is showing the world that He loves you.

  6. I have known your wife Wendy and her family all my life. I have watched and prayed through all that ya’ll have gone through with your precious Naomi. What an awesome testimony of the power of God and the power of faith. I am still praying that Naomi will be restored to perfect health. I have no doubt that it will happen. God has proven that over and over again. Still praying for you entire family. Love in Christ, Paula Hoover

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