Update on Naomi ~ Day 49

Wendy and Nomi have been here in Charlotte since June 20. I’ve been coming on the weekends. Since then we have grown close to more nurses, talked to more doctors, and helped little Nomi in rehab many hours. I have not updated much simply because when I’m here, I’m trying to engage Naomi, getting her to reach for this or that toy, play with this or that ball, taking her on walks, etc. She wants to leave her room as soon as she wakes. She is doing great… re-gaining her balance and strength, and trying to talk (vocalizing much more). Wendy told me that Naomi even makes herself laugh while trying to talk when she goes to sleep! Today, July 8, she ate, by mouth, her first meal in 7 weeks. Mashed ‘taters with gravy and roast beef. Purée. Topped off with strawberry yogurt and sweet tea. Had to check myself just there. A little awed and teary eyed. She can identify a flash card correctly; an apple or a horse? A duck or an airplane? We know her memory is intact because she has not had the chance to learn what an apple, airplane, duck, or anything else is while here. Vision is go. She can identify people from across the room. Hearing is go. The therapists have all said they are impressed with the speed of recovery, and they understand why she has come this far this fast. Watching the big race in “Secretariat” the owner of the losing horse says “That’s impossible”… We know that Naomi feels like Secretariat in that race… running away with the impossible, straight into the life that God has planned for her.

She plays. She smiles. She laughs out loud…. She’s almost home.



20 thoughts on “Update on Naomi ~ Day 49

  1. Praise Yahweh! He is amazing! So glad to read this wonderful update Chris. Naomi and your entire family remain in our prayers.

  2. What a blessing it is to witness God’s work in little Naomi!! Thank you for sharing your story with all of us.

  3. Praise the Lord for everything he is doing in her little life…there is a reason why she’s here…bless her little heart…what an amazing testimony you will have og Gods goodness,his mercy and his amazing healing power…Psalm30:11-12 You changed my sorrow into dancing.Youtook away my clothes of sadness,and clothed me in happiness.I will sing to you and not be silent.Lord,my God,I will praise you forever.

  4. Chris and Wendy, “Praise God from whom All Blessings Flow”! God is Great and I am so Happy and Inspired by Naomi’s Miracle! God Bless You and Naomi and my prayers are with you always! God Bless!

  5. Oh how I would love to hear the conversation between little Naomi and our Father above. I KNOW He is ministering to her daily and I would not be surprised at all if at some point and time in the future she actually gets to relate some of what Gods shown her during these days. Simply amazing! Praises to God!!!

  6. U and Wendy are awesome parents! And Naomi is so lucky to have u guys standing beside her through it all. U guys give me hope and faith even when it comes to Aidan. I’ve learned to focus on what he can do instead of what he can’t. And I stay positive. I love u both and Ur entire family. U know that. I can’t wait till she gets to come home!

  7. Wow, I am teary-eyed reading this. All I can say is ‘Praise God.’ When I saw her picture it made me smile. Thank you so much for keeping us updated. Will continue to pray for her.

  8. Our VBS this next week is entitled “God Has A Plan” . Your thoughts and comments on your trust in God’s plan for your child is precious. God makes no mistakes and is sovereign over all things. Can’t wait to see what he has in store for not just Neomi, but the world that is watching God orchestrate this beautiful melody.

  9. She will finish the race…cross the finish line…live the life God has planned for her and you and Wendy! Orangeburg awaits you and the blessings you will bring home.

    Nancy and Becca

  10. God has answered so many prayers! I’m quite sure there are MANY more in store for you and your family. Praise the Lord! He is so good!!!

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