Update on Naomi ~ Day 55

Quick update! Naomi started walking today!! Thank you Jesus (you can say that with me if you want to!)! She was having an ultrasound to determine if the blood clot in her leg is entirely gone. If so, the docs can quit with the blood thinners… which means no more needles! She was scheduled to come home next week sometime, but the therapists have told us that she is doing so well, they would like to keep her longer to reassess and determine new goals, taking full advantage of her rehab. She has been such a fighter. Such a great inspiration to me. I am so ready to bring her home, but feel that if it will benefit her to stay… well, let her stay a little longer. We will see. She is eating by mouth now during the day, and taking formula by feeding tube at night, while she sleeps. She is coming back to her emotions… frustration and anger in there too. We see her personality coming back more and more. God knows, this has been the hardest thing I have ever dealt with in my life, but at the same time, we have never been closer to God. I look at Naomi and all I see is a miracle. I get Naomi’s kisses and all I feel are sloppy little miracles all over my cheeks and chin. Never forsake that closeness to God by letting something distract you. When God is your focus, all the other stuff really does just become… other stuff. Nomi will be home soon, and better than before. She has been held in the arms of a loving God, and will never be the same again… Oh, by the way… just FYI, our house burned Tuesday night. We have insurance and all of that is in the works… all the fam is OK, the horse is fine… the barn is great, we are all OK. The home is just gone. We are ok though… many many people stepping up to help, and that’s a Godthing too! … I went in this morning to get anything I could…

Naomi’s room was the only one that fire did not infiltrate… I looked in her closets to get her snuggly blankets… they don’t even really smell like smoke.


14 thoughts on “Update on Naomi ~ Day 55

  1. Such a beautiful smile! Mending is sometimes long and sometimes rapid…but it is all good! Good to hear her emotions and capability to riot are coming out—everyone needs to be able to vent!

    We heard about your fire…let us know how we can help. I have several friends offering assistance in whatever way you need. The devil is being shook up by the closeness of God in your lives right now….but we all know the ending to The Story.

    Nancy and Becca

    • you have got it soooo right……they are being hit HARD right now because they have satan SHAKING in his boots. you know they say that if satan is not trying to mess with you, it is because you are not a threat to him…….

  2. Chris,

    I’m very, very glad to hear that Naomi is walking again! Praise Jesus! That is a tremendous milestone and must be such a source of celebration for you guys. At the same time, I am saddened to hear about your house. It’s actually pretty jarring to read that that happened to you. I’m so sorry to hear that. I’m not just saying this: My family is praying for you guys, my little girls included. Clearly God is coming through. He will continue to do so.

    Also, thank you for posting your recent encouraging note to So Young on the blog. She really appreciated it and felt that it very much built upon what she was saying in her post.

    Hang in there, brother! God is near.


  3. Chris,
    Our God is an awesome God. Sometimes what we think is a tragedy is a Blessing in disguise, for he brings us closer to Him and each other. May God continue to Heal and bless Naomi and You and your Family! To God be the Glory! Just think of all the friends you have now too, another blessing! I’ll continue to pray for Naomi and for your Family to get settled into your new home. May God Bless You All. Rhonda

  4. eWOW! I am in my office right now hands upraised praing the Lord!!! I am so happy for your family and the glory of God showing through all of this even the house fire. In Christ alonoe our hope is found! Continue to “live large” my friend and many of the saints are rejoicing with this terrific news. Claire and Larry Porter

  5. Jesus has carried you through every step of this journey, and He has left His footprints in the sand. When Naomi walks out of the hospital with her new sandals on that Wendy bought for her about 2 months ago, Jesus will be leaving His footprints on our hearts (in a new and special way) instead of in the sand! They are permanent & will never be washed away. We will “Praise Him in the Storm” for ALL of the hearts and lives that will be forever changed as He uses this for His glory! We serve the one true God!!!!!! Thank You Jesus for all that You have done~especially for Naomi during this miracle that only You could have performed.

  6. i am inadvertantly kin to naomi. I have been taking naomi’s story to church every sunday, mt. Elon baptist church in hopkins. Every sunday i give a report on her progress and we pray very diligently. We have a picture of her and are able to see her beautiful smile. She is a true miracle and a proving case of how gracious and loving our god is. I am sorry to hear about your house and am at ready to assist you in any way that i can. We will continue to pray and be inspired by naomi. Please don’t hesitate to ask for help.

  7. So happy to hear about Naomi! Awesomeness bro. Not so happy to hear bout your house. Praying for you guys. Love the fact you are taking it all in stride. I suppose with everything you’ve been through with Naomi the house isn’t as big a deal as it would have been 3 months ago. Totally focused and dependent on God is a great place to be. Much love to you and your family!

  8. To echo your tweet of today, Paul said, “When I am weak, then am I strong….”been living that one for 25 years last month. Leaning……hope all is well. Need another update, Chris! Hope Wendy is taking care of herself. I learned not too long ago, actually, that if I don’t take care of myself, then I am no good to anyone else. The spillover affect, you know? Tell her she has special prayer from one mom to another. Thanks.

    Nancy and Becca

    • Will do that update soon, hopefuly tonight! Been very busy with insurance from the fire. Then work, then Charlotte… but ALL IS GREAT!!! Thanks for your prayers Nancy, I thought about you guys when I posted that scripture! We never know our strength is unlimited until the limit is tested! We plan to call y’all when Nomi is home!

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