Update on Naomi ~ Day 63

Have not updated in a while, been fairly busy… with details. The entire family is here, except for my oldest daughter (Naomi’s sissy) and we have been loving up on Naomi hard since we got here shortly after midnight last night. Today I watched her in therapy while she played with the puppy. She has been very engaged when dealing with the animals used in therapy. She is now regaining control of her fine motor skills, learning how to do almost everything all over again. It is such joy for me to see her working so hard. She is a trooper… tough, scrappy and giving no ground. I say it is a joy, and I mean it. She is still here, she is still Naomi and she is still happy. Only two months… hard to believe. Two months that have shaped my family, and re-positioned our faith. Increased God in our lives. Two months that have seen us go from what the world would call hardship to hardship, and all we can see is God’s hand at work, lifting us above the rocky trails, full of briars and thorns, that would snatch at our steps. The therapists are pushing Naomi hard, and she is responding. Her vision is excellent now, she can recognize her therapists at distances some of them can barely cope with! She mouths different words, sometimes the word comes out, sometimes the word doesn’t. In her new phase of learning, we find joy in the fact that she is here to learn. She has been the main focus of discussion at a conference up here. She has been in a car commercial since being here, as a “poster girl” for the hospital. She has been an object of wonder. She has survived. She is improving daily. She is going home next week, but will remain in therapy as an outpatient. I will probably update further later on, but I think for now Naomi’s story must rest some. Today she played tug of war with the puppy, and at the end of it, both of them collapsed, resting, watching each other across the toy that was the object of dispute, a mutual admiration shared among them… and they rested together. Thank all of you for praying for Naomi. It has made a difference, in her and in us. Her story is not over, but we will rest for a while now. Much love and peace to you all… may God give to you the thing that you desire. He has done so for us… Naomi, and a closer walk with Him. Will update soon…Peace!


6 thoughts on “Update on Naomi ~ Day 63

  1. Chris, To God Be The Glory for the things he has done. You and your Family have been a Blessing to so many people and have increased our Faith in God. When things looked Impossible God came through! “NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD”! Naomi is living proof and she is a Miracle! May God continue to heal her and bring her home soon and thank you for keeping us posted. GOD BLESS!

  2. So pleased to see how far Naomi has come since being in Columbia!! Prayer is so powerful and I am so happy for your family!! Please keep sending us updates!

  3. Our God is so good to us!! Thank you Lord for the miracles that we have/are witnessed/witnessing. You really need to put all of this in a journal so Naomi and possibly the world will be able to read the miracles that God did/doing. It could be a book one day showing the world not to give up on God and to show what faith in can do!

  4. Praise God!! Man I absolutely adore this picture. Good good stuff. Much love to the Johnsons!!

  5. I have so enjoyed reading God’s heart in your writing– He has filled you to overflowing which is what he desires in all of us. God bless you and your precious girl!

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