Yesterday I came into the church after hours to catch up on some work, having been at doctor’s appointments all day with Naomi. Started to practice some, then started to have some personal worship time. It got pretty intense… I just started to thank God for Naomi’s life. For her future, for all of the things that she has spoken into people’s lives, even though she has not been talking much lately… I started to praise God for her witness, and it just happened. A song was born. One of the easiest I have ever written. I wanted to post the lyrics here. Maybe it will help someone in their time of searching.

Witness ~ @ez37 Music 2011 

Witness Mercy. Witness Wonder. Witness Peace, and Hope, and Love,

Witness Holy. Witness Faithfulness. Witness Courage from above.  

Witness God, breathing down on us, a fire in this cold and lost and lonely world…

Witness strength to face tomorrow, living in the now.

Witness Grace. Witness Healing. Witness Love of untold depth. 

Witness Tenderness. Witness Peace. Witness all of this and ever so much more…

 Witness God, breathing down on us, a fire in this cold and lost and lonely world…

Witness strength to face tomorrow, living in the now.

With a desperate heart for sure, crying for the heartbeat of a living God, the breath to heal the hurt….

With a love that can’t express the pain of brokenness, seek the Father and plainly see the Son….

Witness Mercy. Witness Wonder. Witness Peace, and Hope, and Love,

Witness Holy. Witness Faithfulness and Courage from above.  

Witness God alive, and see the other side.

Peace… and by the way, Naomi is doing fine. Having some issues with tube feeding, but all of that will work out. May God bless the paths you are on, dusty and dry or peaceful and green, may He be the strength that helps you see the other side.



9 thoughts on “Witness

  1. Absolutely beautiful Chris!!! Can’t wait to hear the band play it…please let me know of its debut!!! Would love to WITNESS it for myself!! I thank you and your family for being such an inspiration to me and mine!! Love you all!!

  2. Hey, waiting to hear from Wendy with any help that I can give her. We had issues with Becca in the beginning of the g-feeding tube also……even with some eating on the side for enjoyment. Bolus feeding was just too much for her system…think of dumping all that formula in even so slowly. We finally went with the machine for quite a while before she could tolerate it. Then we bolused for several years and then finally had to go with g-j tube as the reflux was tearing her up as well as the weekly vomiting and fear of aspiration. Please let me share what little knowledge I have gained if it will help.

    Nancy and Becca

  3. Love it bro. Love being a witness, even at a distance, to the awesome miracles God has performed in your family.

  4. Love the words and can’t wait to hear it played out in worhip. You are an inspiration Chris. Just remember with Naomi it is those baby steps. Babies find their voice but then go on to concentrate on other tasks, whether finding their hands or feet or whatever, but always learning. Eventually they come back to work on the voice again and put it alll together, and being that she is a girl she will learn to multitask very well. Couldn’t help but throw that one in there. 😉

    • Chris what a beautiful song! I can even hear the music….the lyrics will be with me all day i’m sure. You are so blessed with talent, a heart for God, and a wonderful family. Naomi WILL thrive more and more each day-Wendy, you and all her family are such beautiful gifts that God has given her its only a win win for her recovery and healing. Thank you both for being such good examples to all parents…..the parents God calls us to be. We love you all, June & Allen

  5. Chris & Wendy, I continue to pray for Naomi’s recovery & continued improvement. Your story is one of courage, trusting in God’s plan & purpose for our lives and speaking life/health into being. Thank you for giving us (God’s believers) ongoing opportunity to pray for our fellow families in Christ. Please keep us updated!

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