Update on Naomi ~ Day 80

Well… as I sit here, Naomi is in surgery to repair/remove a blockage or obstruction in her lower GI tract. She has been doing fine at home and has been teaching her body to do all of the things that she once knew how to do. She knows her colors, animals, likes and dislikes… her personality is all there. Every bit of it. She has been smiling and laughing out loud when she is in a good mood, and really letting us know when she isn’t! She has been using some words, more often when she is angry and frustrated. We see her get frustrated when she realises that she cannot do the things she used to do (yet). She is a determined little fighter and we know that she will be fine. Nurse just came out and let us know she is in the OR but they do not know the status yet. Staff is great up here…

Wendy and I have made many friends during this time, and I want to say thank you to all that have prayed and will pray for little Nomi. You are the body that Christ speaks of in the word. Loving, lifting, encouraging… standing for us when we can’t stand at all and holding our arms up when we can. I am reminded of the 300 Spartans that stood before a vast army of Persians. In the movie the free Greeks brought nearly 1000 soldiers to help, and were dismayed to see only 300 Spartans. “What is your profession?” king Leonidus asks, time and again of the Greeks. Then turning, he asks the Spartans what their profession is. With one voice they thunder their announcement that they are soldiers… That’s us… all of us that stand against what Satan would steal, destroy and maim. We are soldiers, and with one voice we say NO. NOT HERE. NOT NOW. NO. Thanks for standing with us, it really is a pleasure to live at your sides…

By the way, the unit secretary just came in and said everything is going great.


7 thoughts on “Update on Naomi ~ Day 80

  1. Chris,
    Thanks so much for the update…I continue to stand with you and your family in prayer and hope for Naomi’s future!


  2. Saw your tweet about the surgery today and prayed for Naomi and your family. My kids, wife, and I pray for you all the time. Be encouraged, my friend. As you’ve said, the body of Christ continues to stand with you.

  3. Hurray! I look forward to seeing the “real Nomi”. 21 years as a nurse and I’ve only seen 2 “miracles” – Nomi is #2. love you guys!

  4. You don’t know me, but I feel that I have known you from the beautiful post you make. Some friends at our church (Spring Branch Baptist in Bamberg) asked for Naomi to be put on our pray request at the time of the accident, since then I have been trying to keep up with you updates as she progresses forward. I would like to thank you for taking this time for the updates and the encouragement you bring forth. Not many of us would have kept the FAITH in GOD as you and your family have. Just reading your post I always find peace in knowing that GOD can and does many things for us if we only turn it all over to him as your family has done. May GOD continue his blessings on you and your family and I will also continue to pray for Naomi’s complete recovery and for you and your family for the courage to continue on this journey he has bestowed upon you. Thank You again. GOD BLESS!

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