Update on Nomi. Day 95.

Nomi has been home for a week now. She underwent a four hour surgery for an obstruction in her lower intestines 2 weeks ago. It had nothing to do with her accident. It was a rare congenital birth defect. When her surgeon came to debrief us, he said the usual course would be to give her a colostomy bag, but knowing her case well (he was her surgeon after the accident), he wanted to give her a chance without the colostomy. So, he meticulously and thoroughly worked on her. For four hours. She went to see him yesterday for a checkup, and she is fine. Better really, she is at 110%. I remember when she had her accident, I prayed that she would return to 110%. Better than before. With her new plumbing, she is just that… better than before. She is now undergoing therapy at home, and responding very well. She can walk with help now, without her walker. Sit up by herself. Eats like a horse, and everything works like it’s supposed to, if you know what I mean. She is mouthing words now. She is developing her fine motor skills even more. She laughs out loud more often… she always did smile and laugh so, so much. She is sleeping through the night, and so are we. When I hold her, and she sleeps, she will sometimes stir, and reach up to touch my cheek, my scrubbly chin… making sure that I’m still there.  She reaches and feels for my eyes, my ears. She is intentional in making sure she isn’t alone in her time of dreaming. When I layed hands on her in the hospital in those first desperate days, I… I had a calm, a peace about her. I am not saying I wasn’t desperate; I was distraught, nearly uncontrollably tearful in those one on one times I had with God. Fighting, struggling, almost arguing with God. He has said that we would do greater things, after all. I’m saying that in those times God spoke to my heart, and I had peace that could not have been known without Him there to speak. I do not claim that I healed her, but I do claim that the power of Christ in me did. I have cried many times in these past three months, from many emotions. Fear, anger, joy, peace. I have also cried from one action. Love. When she touches my cheeks, my tears fall onto her little sleeping face, and I know the same love that Christ feels for us. All encompassing. All forgiving. All knowing. Nomi is fine. Refer back to earlier posts please. God be praised, our baby is fine.


9 thoughts on “Update on Nomi. Day 95.

  1. Chris, such beautiful , inspiring words. Always so very nice to hear from you. I realize I’ve only met Naomi twice but I just feel so much love for her and your entire family. You have inspired so so many people and you and Wendy are truly very special and very blessed. May god continue to bless u all. Naomi’s story has changed my relationship with god in a most positive way!! Hope to see u at church soon!!! Need to get my lazy bones out of bed and embrace the phenomenal worship at cornerstone. Love yall

  2. Praise God! So thankful that she is doing so well! Thank you for updating us! Ya’ll have been and are in my prayers!

  3. Good to hear from you—we’ve been up and down the road to MUSC twice ourselves but always Naomi has been in my prayers…and you and Wendy….and the rest of the kids. This has been and is a family affair. This we know. So glad to hear she is progressing. Baby steps…baby steps. Let us know what we can do for you.

    Nancy and Becca

  4. Unless you have had an experience with God like your family is going thru ur words are very touching but when you have these occasions to experience God’s love, grace and healing it is almost more than you can put in words. You do such a wonderful job with articulating your experiences. May God continue to heal, use and bless Little Naomi and your family. In Christ Jesus….Cheryl Walker (Brian’s Mom)

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