Thought I would post a short video of the little miracle in action. Naomi always has been so happy, smiling, loving. She decided to blow kisses to all her peeps this morning!

Many, many, many thanks to all of you that have prayed for this little chick. Your prayers are being answered day by day, in the positive. This little ray of sunshine is flooding the light of God’s love into some deep and dark recesses indeed. In some, her story has helped strengthen faith. In others, faith has been renewed, and in others yet, the light of salvation shines brightly and brand new to those that didn’t know God’s mercy before seeing her smiling face. Funny how the child that cannot even speak for herself can show God to those that we can’t reach with all of our music, words, and “worship environments”… Live large and free peeps, may the light of God’s love overwhelm the darkness in front of you. Like it has for us. Much love from Nomi…


13 thoughts on “GOOD MORNIN NAAOOOMIIII ! Day 106

  1. I knew is was true! I have followed Naomi and her Miracle with you since it happened over 3 months ago!. Now I have seen her Smile, Blow kisses and talk. Our God is an Awesome God and Miracles do come True. Thank you For sharing your lives ups and downs during critical time in Naomi’s life and your’s. You have made the Unbelievers Believe that God does answer Prayers! God Bless You Chris Johnson, Wendy Johnson and Naomi! Thank You JESUS!!!!!

  2. She is so adorable!!! And those eyes & eyelashes – gorgeous!! I am so happy that she is doing well! Had no doubt though, all the prayers going up for her.

  3. /We love you and your family Chirs….thank you for the continued sharing. We are blessed to have been and continue to be a part of this. Larry and Claire Porter

  4. OMG Chris she is doing so well!! I think of you guys often an nightly pray that God will keep you in peace!!! Tell the Mrs. hello for me & kisses back to Naiomi! Lord I thank you for wrapping your arms around this little angel. Love you guys, Ms. Bev

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