The Gladiator Way

Sometimes it’s scary to walk where others have fallen, where the ground is stained with those that have failed before you. To walk thru the gate that leads to battle. To feel the dry dust blown by the wind, nearly choking. To feel the sweat running from you, driven by the heat that is constant and relentless. To face the thing that holds you down, or back, or away. To feel that if you slip at all, the battle could be over in a heartbeat. To estimate your enemy’s strength even as you gauge your own weakness. This thing called life is not for the faint of heart. Be glad that if you belong to Christ, you have one that is more than able to fight for you. More than able to protect and provide. More than able to slay and conquer that which causes fear. A healer, a sheild, a cooling mist in the heat, and a living water to drench the thirst. Take heart. Hope. He will not abandon you, and you will not perish. Stand.

Psalm 31:24 Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the Lord.


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