The Cost

Five months ago, I started a three part series on worship. I knocked out parts one and two in 4 days or so. The posts are about the character of worship in churches all over this world. The third blog post never came, just didn’t get it done. Day after day passed and I thought about doing it, but never did. Little did I know that my faith was about to be tested beyond my endurance. My daughter had her accident on May 20. It was nearly a month to the day from the first post. If you want to listen to what happened to her you can click here. In the following months we did the only things we could do.   (1) Stand and believe the promises of God, spoken to us us by people within our circles, and in our scripture reading. (2) Worship God with desperation, as truly as our spirits would allow. The last post in the series was going to be about true worship, and we were suddenly thrust into a head spinning situation where we had to lean on God in ways we had never even thought of. I keep remembering one lyric that popped into my head on the way to Nomi’s PICU room about three days after her accident. It was from a song I wrote about blind faith:

“in the time it takes to count the cost, will I ever claim the gain,
or do I take that step of faith, and leave the gain to claim itself?

And in the faith of the blind, be led by Your hand
in the wisdom of the young, be glad in your grace?

Would you bring the rain, would I be dismayed?
My shelter, from the storms, would I stand?”

I wrote that a full two years before Nomi’s accident. And it fit the situation perfectly. True worship costs. It costs evrything that you are. Laid on the altar of self-indulgence. Lay down your heart and seek the face of God with the kind of desperation that you would feel as if drowning… under tons of water, just one more breath…    Just like our Naomi, when you are touched by God, you will never be the same again. From death to life. From beyond repair to beyond corruption. From fearful to fearless. The heart of worship lies outside of your experience and when you do give it all to Him in worship, He will create the heart of the lion in you… and it is worth it. Every penny paid by us could never pay for the blood of a savior to wash us clean. God has created a warrior class in us that will never fear again, for we know His faithfulness. We worship the one true God, with heart breaking passion, because he loved us when we were most doubtful, most violent, most broken. When we were His enemy. The cost is high, but the war will continue with or without your worship. Take time today to give your all, pay the price, be changed beyond what you are… forever.


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