Event Horizon

There comes in every persons life a moment when God makes Himself known. Then a choice is made.  Accept? Reject? Can it really be a “free” gift?

If Grace is accepted, there will always come another point in which a decision must be made in the life of those that claim Christ…

Follow? Don’t follow? What if He takes me beyond my comfortable couch?

Grow? Don’t grow?  I have to read more of my bible than my playboy?

Challenge? Stay complacent? Will I have to actually talk to people about God? Will I actually have to work on my relationship with God? I thought it was a one and done thing…

Listen? or Talk? Is there really anything that my pastor can teach me? I mean, I knew him back when…

Live? or Die…. I just can’t seem to rise above all of the crap in my life…

The life of the ordinary christian is the life of the “no”. The life of the Christ follower is the life of the yes, living beyond where you are to get where you aren’t yet.

 Are you of the yes, or no variety? Ordinary or extraordinary? Alive or dying; just passing through, on the forty year easy pew plan?

Just a couple of questions to get you thinking. Christ never paid for you so that you could sit back and be comfortable. He never bled for you so you could remain on a path of mediocrity. The flesh of His back was not stripped off with whips so you could remain a child spiritually. His forehead was not peirced with thorns so you could gossip about your church leadership. He was not crucified so you could die a slow death, anger and hatred and bitterness and selfishness bottled up inside a cold heart. He did not give His all so you could keep your all.

Get up. Get in the race. With a winner’s heart and a warrior’s cry, get in the battle. Let’s LIVE. Let’s give Him what He gave us… ALL.


5 thoughts on “Event Horizon

  1. I love your blog and you don’t know me from Adam. A friend of mine shared this link on her facebook. I would love to share this entry on my page, but wanted to ask you if that would be alright. (?) You are an amazing, real, transparent writer and I have been encouraged by your posts. If you would rather I didn’t share it, not a problem. Blessings to you and yours!

    • Thanks for the kind words… feel free to use it! By the way, it’s just what God’s put on my heart. Share it with any you feel could benefit!

  2. Chris… After reading this blog post from knowing who you are by you recently jumping aboard my COMMIT-TO-BELIEVE Twitter train, I see why you did. You get LIFE! I always tell people that there are different levels of belief. You can always “believe” in something no matter it’s origin, but it takes COMMITMENT – 100% to that belief until you truly begin to see things develop in your life. Believers tend to become complacent without being fully committed. This works for anything you aspire to achieve in your life. It’s one thing to believe, but it’s quite another to COMMIT! For me, there’s but one COMMITMENT! That comes from a commitment to God’s love first – 100%!! Not 85% or 99%, but a fully dedicated and committed belief 100%. Simple math to keep the creative process – life – moving forward at the speed of Light. Thanks again for the follow Chris and I’ve got you back! COMMIT-TO-BELIEVE in What Matters Most! God’s love first – 100%!! Blessings…

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