Right now.

Right now, today is the day that God desires to hear your voice. We take for granted that He wants to hear us. In a prayer. At lunch a blessing. At night before we sleep.

This is not what He wants. When you are broken, passionate in your worship, when you look past the holidays to Him, look past the church services, past the family time, past all the excuses we use to put Him off. Past all the things we do that we call worship, or prayer.

Draw near. He will do the same. It takes time, and you have to want it. Tell Him you want it. We are all busy, but God gave His ALL, we can give some time back. When you sit at the feet of the living Christ, doing nothing but listening, waiting, watching, feeling… that’s when your heart is changed by and for Him. 15 minutes. Now.

Watch what happens, when you get serious. Now.


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