The Birdcage

Walking down the street a man notices a boy with a birdcage, two ruffled and dirty blackbirds huddled inside. He walks over, strikes up a conversation.

“Whatcha gonna do with those birds?”      “Gonna just keep ’em. I trapped ’em in a shoebox, they’re real stupid. I might take em out to the field and shoot em with my bb gun. I don’t know yet, haven’t made up my mind yet.”

Thinking it over the man decides to bribe the little boy. “I’ll give you a dollar apiece for them.”    “What’re you gonna do with em?” as the smile breaks out… hand held out for the plunder.    “I’m just gonna let em go…”

“Why? They’re just dirty stupid birds. They ain’t good for anything, maybe except for what I was gonna do… anyway I can probably even catch em again!”   The man turns and says “Yeah, but I think I’ll give them a chance” as he opens the door to the cage.

Centuries ago, Christ did the same thing. He saw Satan, with a world full of people. “Hey, what are you gonna do with all those people?”

“Gonna play with em. Make them hate each other. Maybe get them to start some wars. They will kill each other, did you know that? I bet I can even get em to kill the babies. Just a bunch of stupid, dirty, crazy people.”

“What would it take get you to set them free? I will pay you for them.”           “What?… What do you want them for? They aren’t good for anything. They steal. Turn their backs on each other. Lie. Cheat. Want what they can’t have, and have what they don’t really want. They’re violent. You heard what I said about killing each other right? They don’t believe in the power that has given them dominion. They are lacking in almost every way. Dirty, stupid animals…”

“Tell you what… I’ll pay for them. What will it take?”           …”How about this… just your blood. Spill on the ground what and who You are, for their sake. That will do it. Just You. Just Your blood. Forever”

2000 years ago, God made a way. A way to set you free. Remember this Christmas that you have been paid for. Accept your freedom, then fly.

It’s what you were made to do.


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