The Trumpet

The realization of what I was witnessing came in the split~second flash of light. I knew the what, but I still don’t know the why.

In the dream I was alone on a brightly lit moon filled night. I was in a small city park, standing in the middle of a concrete path, leading down to an open field. I can remember the night sounds: crickets, birds, a slight breeze. No lamp posts lit the night. It was calm. I remember thinking that my family was gone. Not just gone from the city, but gone altogether. Gone from the space and time that I found myself in. I remember my knowing that they were OK. I remember wondering why I was not with them. A quiet breathlessness filled me, and I knew something was coming. I remember seeing people in the distance on the open field, shadows in the night. Time seemed to crawl, slow beyond any measure I could put to it. Waiting… it was calm, would have been peaceful if not for my heart racing in my chest, my ears ringing and thumping with each heartbeat. Now a stronger breeze, gusting. I remember hearing the sounds of animals rushing by. Squirrels, birds, bugs… I remember tilting my head upward, from the corner of my eye a split~second flash of light and the pebbles and rocks jumped and vibrated on the ground. At the same instant the light from the moon disappeared, gone, just like my family. Pitch black, yet I could see. I could see even though I had no wish to. Then it came in another instant, a huge trumpet blast, of deadly intent, came from all around, not just from the sky. I remember the sheer size and weight of the sound. It felt alive. I say trumpet because that’s what I associated it with, but it was deep, powerful, more like a cross between a foghorn and trumpet. Loud enough to cause the ground to grind and splinter, an earthquake, vast and uncaring who it swallowed… I found myself on the ground, so very afraid, asking God to take me before I could witness… and then I woke up, heart racing, to a quiet ordinary bedroom,  in an ordinary town.

Now, I know that it must sound crazy. I dreamed about the trumpet signal to open the seven seals. I asked God to show me why. As of right now, I think about the dream every day. Maybe it’s a passion to see people come to Christ so they won’t have to endure what I dreamed. Maybe it was something else. Maybe.

Maybe not.


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