What I Am

Talking with a friend today brought me back to something I have known for a while.

When we talk about what we are, we usually tell people what we do. Why?

You are NOT what you do. I sing. That’s not the sum of me though. I am a guitarist. I am a musician. I am a father. I am a husband. I am a son. I am all of that and so much more.

I am the one that criticizes. I am the one that slanders. I am the one that crucifies. I speak life into shadows. I breathe doubt into being. … and all in my own life… To myself I do these things. I do wear that suit sometimes.

I am the one that encourages. I am the one that speaks life. I erase the shadow with the light of God. I give music life that would never see the day if it had not been for me loosing it on the world. I am the child that reaches for the comfort of a savior. I wear that suit too.

You and me? We’re alike in this. We both are more than what the world sees…

We are a world of  preachers and addicts, alcoholics and atheists. Gamers, lawyers, and sunday school teachers. All enemies at the same table, where the foot of the cross is muddy with the blood of a Christ that died for my sins. I did this. We did this. And yet relentless love spoke to prove  innocence. Innocent. It’s what I am.

What are you?


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